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May 15, 2019

upcoming reviews for Ugly Things #51

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Seems like I was just announcing my pieces written for Ugly Things #50….now I’m working on SEVEN reviews for UT #51. They are due in mid-June, but I’ll need to get them done before I take off for my poetry writing vacation in Tulsa in early June–so these pieces are what I’ll be working on the next few weeks, in between job responsibilities, of course.

All of the albums are very worthwhile items containing little-known and under-appreciated music (the Reggie Young album does have some hits on it, but it’s meant to be a sampler of his sideman work on various Memphis sessions, so you listen to the music differently when you focus on Reggie’s guitar work, and it contains a staggeringly eclectic combination of artists he’s working with)–I’m  happy to get the word out about them. The Bill Haley biography from Bill’s son (the second book written by one of his sons….John Haley had a fine book out about 20 years ago) has been anxiously awaited, and this review will give me a chance to step back and do the kind of career survey on Bill that I’ve wanted to do for years (I reviewed a German collection of his early 48-51 country material many years ago for UT). He’s yet to receive his proper acclaim, though most people know his name, and I fear that most reviews of this book will seize upon the revelations from his personal life and dwell upon the fact that he was not the model parent to the children of his first two marriages (or the model husband to his first two wives). Bill Jr. has had decades to come to terms with this unfortunate situation, and he’s presented an honest but fair book. Fortunately, as Bill Sr. never received an award for being a model parent (and thus can’t be accused of hypocrisy), we can focus on the music, and fortunately the book delivers an enormous amount of detail on that front (one early review of the UK edition blamed to book for being “too factual”!!).

Here are the seven items, six albums and one book:

THE CHANCES, “Baby, Listen To Me” (Nor-Va-Jak, CD) 

ut51 one


ut51 two

BOBBY WOOD, “If I’m A Fool For Loving You: The Complete 60’s Recordings” (RPM, CD)

ut51 three

REGGIE YOUNG, “Session Guitar Star” (Ace, CD)

ut51 four

TOMMY HUNT, “The Complete Man” (Kent, CD)

ut51 five

v.a., “POPPIES: ASSORTED FINERY FROM THE FIRST PSYCHEDELIC AGE” (Craft Recordings, LP/CD), psychedelia from the vaults of Vanguard, Original Sound, and Stax’s “Hip” subsidiary, compiled by Alec Palao

ut51 six

CRAZY MAN CRAZY: THE BILL HALEY STORY, by Bill Haley, Jr., and Peter Benjaminson (UK/US book, released May 2019)

ut51 seven

As always, UGLY THINGS presents a wide variety of exhaustive coverage of lesser-known rockin’ music from the 60’s but also the 50’s and 70’s and is one of the few essential music magazines out there….30+ years and now 50+ issues! Proud to be a part of the UT team for 30+ years myself, working with editor/publisher Mike Stax. Just look for the Bill Shute credit in the reviews section (the book review will be near the front of the mag, the music reviews are always near the back) as you are spending an entire weekend reading the new UT cover to cover.

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