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September 10, 2019

new podcast from legendary director FRED OLEN RAY

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With 150+ directorial credits (that includes 28 episodes of his hit cable TV series THE LAIR), FRED OLEN RAY continues to make exciting, witty, and always entertaining films on time and at or under budget, with great casts and colorful concepts, and with entertaining an audience always first in his mind.

Mr. Ray is also an articulate man discussing his work, as shown in his great book for McFarland many years ago, THE NEW POVERTY ROW: INDEPENDENT FILMMAKERS AS DISTRIBUTORS, where he not only discusses his own company but the production companies of Jerry Warren, Kane Lynn, and others. Fred recently started a series of podcasts, where he basically talks about the specifics of one facet or another of his 45 year career, and for anyone who cares about and enjoys low-budget, independent genre-film production, it’s a gold mine!

The last three episodes dealt with the production history of the Gary Graver film MOON OVER SCORPIO, which Ray was involved with; various “lost” films that Ray remembers making; and most recently, his experiences working for Roger Corman on a number of films. I’m looking forward to future entries! It’s the next best thing to sitting across from Fred at some steakhouse, after you’ve bought him a massive tropical drink and a man-sized filet, he fires up his cigar, and he starts with the anecdotes….just without the steak, the cigar, or the drink.

Here’s the link to the series of podcasts. You can use this link in the future to access future shows as they appear.



fred 2


fred 3


fred 4


fred 5


fred 6


fred 7


fred 8


fred 9


fred book


fred ice

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