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September 18, 2019

please help Ian Whitcomb with health care-related expenses…

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Ian Whitcomb is dealing with some health issues and could use our financial help. Think of how much joy he has given all of us over the decades. Any amount helps. I gave…hope you can make a donation too.


Ian’s wife has started a GO FUND ME account to help with his expenses. She writes, “Ian receives Surgical Thrombectomy on Sept. 19.
There have been many complications since Ian had the stroke in 2012. He hasn’t worked and I’ve been his full time care-giver. No income for 7 years.
Now we must ask for your help. Any amount.
Ian’s recovery and rehabilitation will be long and expensive. Left to what medicare covers he will not improve.
You may have experienced this yourself… as the wife, I must advocate for and participate in his care wherever that happens to be. Once home we’ll need skilled help here.
We humbly ask for your help.
I thank you for reading and appreciate how much you all care about Ian.”

Ponder that for a minute… NO INCOME FOR 7 YEARS! It’s hard to think of anyone in the entertainment and arts field whose whole career has been about joy and spreading happiness as much as Ian Whitcomb. Here’s our chance to give a little something back to a man who, even though I’ve never met him, always comes off as our friend. The world needs more people like Ian (although they broke the mold when he was made!)….

You can access the GO FUND ME page here:


ps, I was listening to a cassette of one of my old INNER MYSTIQUE RADIO shows from the 1980’s the other day, and on it I featured a track, “Wedding Bells Are Ringing For Sally (but not for Sally and Me)” from his then-current album (which I had a cassette release  of!) HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN on George Buck’s Audiophile label. His music always brings a smile to the listener’s face!

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