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November 25, 2019

Bill Shute/KSE now at MeWe

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I’ve noticed some of my friends and groups I’m a member of on Facebook have stated that they are moving over to the MeWe social network. If you are one of those, please send me a friend request at

I’ll re-post any new content put up on the Bill Shute or Kendra Steiner Editions FB pages and may also provide other original material specifically for MeWe.

I’ve always considered anything I posted on FB public information, the kind of thing I’d be willing to, as Oscar Wilde once put it, “shout from the rooftops.” Facebook is primarily a vehicle for promoting my writings (and in the past, the music releases on the KSE label, and for that, FB was a BIG help) and the various cultural areas of interest to me which I want to champion. It also provides an easy place to find me for old friends and colleagues from across the decades…or for readers of mine from various magazines, blogs, and poetry books. I don’t really care that my interest in the music of Bix Beiderbecke, gorditas, Texas wineries, the films of Jerry Warren, the writings of Gertrude Stein, the jalapeno beer at Faust Brewing Company, horse racing, John Cage’s Number Pieces, German krimi films, the Texas Gulf Coast, 1960’s Rambler automobiles, and the  neighborhood pizzeria is data-mined and sold to advertisers who then target me. Did anyone ever really think that Facebook was free? Nothing comes without a cost of one sort or another. Also, if you want to open a gordita shack that serves Faust jalapeno pilsner, has pictures of 1964 Ramblers on the wall, plays the Bix’s Wolverines sides on the sound system, and has screenings of early 60’s German Edgar Wallace films on Friday nights, I will be your first and best customer….as long as you offer Lengua and Chicharrón gorditas on your menu.


See you at MeWe….or at Facebook….or better yet, here at the KSE blog!

MeWe may well go down the tubes as quickly as Google+, which I never  bothered to join. I briefly was on Twitter and Instagram, but those offered nothing that was of use to me.

As always, thanks for catching up with the KSE blog.

I have some exciting news on a few fronts which I’ll share in the coming weeks…

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