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August 12, 2020

Roger McGuinn & Chris Hillman, “City” (1980 LP)

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“CITY” (Capitol Records LP, 1980)


Former Byrds ROGER McGUINN, CHRIS HILLMAN, and GENE CLARK reunited for an album in 1979, ‘McGuinn, Clark, and Hillman,” which had a hit single and was rather well received. It’s a professional piece of work, but not something I play often.

McGuinn and Hillman reunited for a second album (Gene was initially a full partner on that, but dropped in and out of the sessions and sings on only two tracks, hence the “featuring Gene Clark” tag) called CITY in 1980, which had no hit single, but was a solid album that did have the drawbacks production-wise of typical 80’s albums. I had a cutout cassette of it and enjoyed it from time to time.

McGuinn and Hillman later did a third contractually-required album, released in 1981, imaginatively called McGUINN-HILLMAN. It had producer Jerry Wexler moving the boys into more of an R&B style, and it’s not something that Roger or Chris are that proud of, though professionals that they are, they do what they can. It’s not essential. After you’ve got every one of Roger’s self-issued albums (including the one of Sea Shanties) and all of Chris’s bluegrass and Desert Rose Band albums, you might want to track it down if it’s only a few dollars.

CITY, if you can accept the 80’s production (something I have to do any time I play Dylan’s EMPIRE BURLESQUE or George Harrison’s SOMEWHERE IN ENGLAND or GONE TROPPO), is well worth listening to, at least once. I was wanting to hear it other day but had no idea where my cassette was, and it’s long out of print on CD (it came out briefly on One Way in the mid 90’s). Thankfully, it’s up on You Tube, and I believe that if you use the link below, it should stream the album for you, track by track.

Put it on while you are doing something….for me, pretty much anything McGuinn and Hillman have done is worthwhile. And you can get a taste of what the 80’s were like…thankfully, they are long gone…. Oh, it does not start with the best track, so just go along for the ride….

(sorry for the You Tube ads you’ll have to sit through, but the label has put up this album for us for free, so I’m going to let them get their 1/1000 of a cent for each play and just ignore the annoying ads….I guess whoever owns Capitol Records now figures 1/1000 of a cent per play is better than nothing)

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