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October 7, 2020

Jackie Gleason Orchestra, “The ‘Now’ Sound…For Today’s Lovers” (1969 reel-to-reel tape)

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Nothing satisfies like vintage lounge music, audio pastels created by the top studio musicians to produce atmosphere. The many albums released under the nominal leadership of The Great One himself, JACKIE GLEASON, certainly delivered the goods in that area, often through the beautiful cornet work of BOBBY HACKETT, though he’d left the fold by the time of the album featured today.

This 1969 album—-here featured from its reel-to-reel tape release form (thanks to Chris Cromwell for posting this online!)—-is often spoken of as Gleason’s “psychedelic album,” though other than sitar and tabla and dreamy flute here and there, it’s still classic Gleason.

Haven’t you always wanted a Gleason album with liner notes that explain the concept of DHARMA? You have, whether you know it or not….

Imagine a Skye Records GABOR SZABO combo or the BILL PLUMMER AND THE COSMIC BROTHERHOOD sound mixed into a late 60’s Gleason mood-music session the way dry vermouth is mixed into a classic old-school martini (the kind of drink you’d want to fix for your date BEFORE putting the reel on the tape player), and you’ll have some idea of what’s on offer here.

I was ecstatic when I found a copy of this album in a thrift store in the Texas Hill Country 20 years ago for $3.00, but looking at Discogs, I see that it really is not any kind of collectable today, with copies selling for as low as $1.98 (and, of course, with a cutout hole!). I’m still honored to own a copy, and notice that the pic I used above was actually signed by Gleason (not my copy, alas….)!

A1 Goin’ Out Of My Head

A2 It Must Be Him

A3 Two Different Worlds

A4 Live For Life

A5 I Won’t Cry Anymore

B1 Yesterday

B2 Moon River

B3 Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

B4 Lonely Is The Name

B5 I Can’t Believe I’m Losing You




EMIL RICHARDS, PERCUSSION (more specifically, African finger piano, Dharma bells, African and Thai marimbas, Gamelan Gongs, Aung Luong, Chinese bell trees, various bells)



Here’s the link….enjoy the trip. Hope your romantic evening works out well.

note: the actual music starts at 1:24 on the link above, if you want to skip the introductory comments

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