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October 9, 2020

“Them Beatles” revive the Hamburg-era Beatles sound, live at the Cavern Club, 2012

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Continuing on with some of the Beatles-related posts here in recent days, here is a tribute to what’s perhaps my favorite Beatles period: the Hamburg period Beatles, from late 1960 through perhaps the Summer of 1963. Their last performance at the Star-Club was over the Christmas holidays in late 1962 (of course, documented by the legendary Star-Club tapes) but their BBC performances for the first half of 1963 still possess much of the same power and fury of the Hamburg period. The boys played more than 250 nights in Hamburg in the 1960-62 period, and they were on fire then—-George Harrison himself has stated that he felt The Beatles were at their height as a working band in the Star-Club era.

Some bands over the years have rooted their style in the 1962 punk-beat Beatles—-the Kaisers and the Milkshakes come to mind—-and it is a timeless style that still packs a punch today.

THEM BEATLES are a well-respected Beatles tribute band who can play ANY period Beatles convincingly without sounding like a clone….still sounding like a real band….and their re-creations of the 1962 Beatles sound at Beatleweek 2012 are a joy to behold. These performances were even recorded live at The Cavern Club (yes, I know it’s a recreation of the original….). This is as close as we’re ever going to get to the raw excitement of the quartet coming back to Liverpool as conquering heroes, on a high from the latest successful residency in Hamburg, where they played for drunken sailors 8 hours a night and literally thrashed through the material.

This is the Beatles before “Beatlemania” took off and they became more a phenomenon than a working rock and roll band. Play these songs LOUD for maximum effect…and maybe you should down a few oilcans of Holsten Festbock (brewed in Hamburg) while listening, for maximum effect!













and just for the sake of comparison, here are THE BEATLES themselves, live at the Star-Club in Hamburg in December 1962, doing MR. MOONLIGHT…..

and we’ll let THEM BEATLES close things out with a performance from a different source, but just as fine….

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  1. A Trip in the Time Machine, all the way down to Groerge’s Gretsch Duo Jet…good find Bill!

    Comment by Paul C Mcgarry — October 11, 2020 @ 5:33 pm | Reply

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