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October 17, 2020

western tall tales from George ‘Gabby’ Hayes

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George Hayes (1885-1969) was a character actor who could, and did, play a wide variety of roles in the early sound-film era, but by the mid-30’s he found his niche and was afterwards forever typecast as the grizzled comedic western sidekick, first as Windy Halliday in a number of Hopalong Cassidy films and then as Gabby (in some films, as “Gabby Whittaker” and in others, playing a fictionalized version of his persona, “Gabby Hayes”) in many Roy Rogers westerns at Republic. He also had a successful children’s television show that ran from 1950-54 and then again in 1956, and at the beginning of each episode he would sit and whittle a piece of wood, rattle off a few of his pet phrases such as “yer darn tootin'” and “yesiree, Bob!”, and then spin a colorful western tall tale. It was charming and showed off Hayes’ great skill as an entertainer for all ages.

Our friends at WESTERNS ON THE WEB have corralled six of those Gabby Hayes TV show intros featuring his inimitable tales, and if you’ve had a long day and feel worn down, these should bring a smile to your face.

Gabby Hayes….still working his magic with audiences in a new century!







GEORGE HAYES, character actor,
not in his “Gabby” persona

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