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October 25, 2020

“Right Here! Right Now! The Big ‘Mod’ Sound of SI ZENTNER AND HIS ORCHESTRA” (Liberty Records LP, 1967)

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Trombonist SI ZENTNER kept Big Band music alive in the 1960’s with a grueling schedule of live performances and a series of popular albums on Liberty Records. When Liberty had an artist with an audience they felt was worth cultivating, the label tended to record that artist A LOT, so there are many themed albums on Liberty in Zentner’s 60’s discography. Also, the man was a master technician on his instrument, and I’ve had a few trombone players in the family, so I’ve seen working this rich and complex instrument first-hand. Just listen to the man’s tone on Goin’ Out Of My Head—-this is subtlety and control/mastery of the instrument on a Tommy Dorsey level. No wonder he was a treasured studio musician at MGM for a number of years–he could achieve any effect on his instrument, provide any requested tonal colors, sight read the most complex score while putting his individual stamp on it, etc.

Liberty also liked albums featuring covers of then-contemporary hits (just ask Del Shannon or Bobby Vee)–after all, if you like Si Zentner AND you like the Top 40 hits of the day and you buy records, in the thinking of Liberty Records, you’ve got an win-win situation (an exacta or quinella in horse racing terms) and can’t turn down the offer of Zentner’s Big Band doing versions of those tunes in the signature Zentner style.

I’d put this album on the same shelf as the “trippy” Jackie Gleason album I posted a few weeks ago and also Nelson Riddle’s album THE RIDDLE OF TODAY, which I’ll share in the coming weeks if it’s on You Tube. If you are a connoisseur of lounge music, of the “now sound” vibe, and of Big Bands doing covers of 60’s pop hits….and you enjoy fine trombone playing…then this is the album for you. Put it on while you are working and the workday will go faster. Enjoy.

A1 Double Whammy 2:35
A2 Sunny 3:14
A3 My Girl 3:06
A4 Up, Up And Away 2:25
A5 Skootchy 3:04
A6 Mercy, Mercy, Mercy 3:37
B1 I’m On My Way 2:08
B2 Soul Machine 3:01
B3 Goin’ Out Of My Head 2:17
B4 The Happening 2:19
B5 You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ 4:15
B6 Ain’t There Something That Money Can’t Buy 2:14

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