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October 26, 2020

Mark Stryker and the Saxes

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These detailed and exhaustive comments (found at the link below) from Mark Stryker are EXACTLY the kind of writing/commentary about jazz that I love and that helped develop my own lifelong passion for jazz. When someone has not only listened to thousands of albums carefully, but is also a musician himself, his take on things is worth listening to and provides illumination on the subject.

Also, anyone who says “there is nothing wrong with jazz education that couldn’t be fixed by fire-bombing all the music schools in the country with Gene Ammons records. He was the ultimate in playing with feeling. To hear Jug swing a medium-tempo standard, play the blues, or just sing a ballad simply and directly with all that inflection and expression in his sound — those are lessons. If every jazz musician in any idiom of the music listened to Gene Ammons play ballads and blues, they’d make better jazz no matter what style they wanted to play, including free” has just proved his credibility with me and is an instant friend of mine!

Here’s the link. Please take the time to read the entire (long) article.

It’s worth it:

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