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November 30, 2020

Waylon Jennings, “Another Bridge To Burn” (1966)

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November 29, 2020

truth-telling from JIMMY DEAN, on live Network TV, 1959

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November 28, 2020

Jake Holmes, “A Letter To Katherine December” (1968)

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*Jake Holmes – Vocals, Guitars
*Ted Irwin – Lead Guitar
*Charlie Fox – Horns, Strings Arrangements

A1 Saturday Night 2:45
A2 Late Sleeping Day 2:22
A3 Chase Your Eyes 5:10
A4 The Diner Song 2:25
A5 High School Hero 2:45
A6 Moving Day 4:01
B1 Leaves Never Break 4:12
B2 It’s Always Somewhere Else 3:02
B3 Sleeping Woman 2:04
B4 Houston Street 4:10

all words and music composed by Jake Holmes

released on Tower Records in 1968

November 27, 2020

Charles Starrett as The Durango Kid in CYCLONE FURY (1951)

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November 26, 2020

Fading Yellow, Volume 2

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Disraeli — What Will The New Day Bring – 00:00
The Network — Ears Of Stone – 03:08
The Whispers — Knowin’ – 05:58
The July Four — Frightened Little Girl – 08:34

Calliope — I’ll Take It Back – 11:04
George Edwards — Never Mind, I’m Freezing – 13:40
The Poor — How Many Tears – 16:10
The Happy Return — I Thought I Loved Her – 18:36
The Oracle — Don’t Say No – 22:18
The Rites — Hour Girl – 25:25
The Dynamics — All She Said – 28:14
The Holy Mackerel — Scorpio Red – 30:53
The Peppermint Trolley Co. — Trust – 33:58
The Higher Elevation — The Summer Skies – 36:39
Chris And Craig — Isha – 38:48
The Backseat — Where Is Mary – 41:05
The Poor — Come Back Baby – 43:23
The Cascades — I Bet You Won’t Stay – 45:55
The Sound Set — Mind In A Bottle – 48:20
The Reign — Sea Of Dreams – 51:11
The Look — In A Whirl – 53:29
The July Four — Mr. Miff – 55:58

November 25, 2020

Orson Welles’ adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “A Diamond As Big As The Ritz”

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Radio Adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1922 novella “The Diamond as Big as the Ritz” by Orson Welles, broadcast on 3 April 1945

Link to the original 1945 broadcast and the backstory of Welles’ radio adaptation of the Fitzgerald story, courtesy of the Welles collection at Indiana University Bloomington

November 24, 2020

Bing Crosby for Minute Maid Orange Juice

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November 23, 2020

Gene Clark & John York, live on TV 1986

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November 22, 2020

The New Coronavirus Lockdown Approach to the KSE Blog

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The Kendra Steiner Editions blog began nearly 15 years ago as a way for me, Bill Shute, to promote my various writings and the poetry chapbooks KSE was issuing at the time. We then ventured into music for a 9-year period, releasing nearly 150 albums of experimental music and forward-thinking sounds in a variety of genres, from psychedelia to gospel, as well as spoken word poetry albums and poetry-and-music albums, and every one of those was introduced and promoted here. When the label closed down in December 2018, the KSE blog evolved to feature updates on my own projects of various sorts as well as new writings on music, film, literature, comics, etc. and reprints of pieces I’d published elsewhere, both in print form and online, in the last 20 years…and of course to promote my new poetry books as they come out.

However, in the last 4-5 months I’ve changed the focus of the blog to adapt to the new conditions with the COVID-19 lockdown. Prior to the Coronavirus, Mary Anne and I would usually catch live music every other weekend (and every weekend in the summer), go to art exhibitions and events regularly, attend lectures and plays, catch film screenings, and always keep the arts an important presence in our lives…as I do through my own creative work. Now, though, since March 2020, we’ve been doing all this online through livestreams and the like. While we’ve been devoted fans of Rosie Flores, for instance, for decades and would try to see her live at least once a year in Austin, now she seems like a family friend as we catch her Wednesday 3’s-The-Charm happy hour set every week and send her funds when we can, the way we’d drop a tenner into her tip jar when we’d see her live at some watering hole. Ben Model and his silent comedy Sundays have become a regular part of our schedule, as have the “Barnes Takeout” art lectures from the Barnes Museum in Philadelphia, and countless jazz and contemporary-classical livestream performances, as well as online drama and table-reads. The money we’d usually spend on cover charges, admission tickets, snacks/drinks, and tips, we are giving now directly to the artists via Paypal and the like. Just today, as I’ve been working (I work from home now), I’ve been listening (though not watching, as I’m working on the computer screen doing my job) to a live Ragtime Festival, streaming from the West Coast. You will no doubt have your favorites too. All of us have had to adapt to this new norm of producing and consuming in the arts (thankfully my poetry books are still being sold as usual, though of course I’ve done no physical readings in 2020), and it has been working out better than could have been expected, though those who support themselves through their art have taken a big hit in income.

In that spirit, I’ve moved the KSE blog from essays/writings on various subjects (though there are still some of those) to links for existing online content as well as special online events. Based on the page views and reader feedback, it’s been a very welcome change of pace and has even brought in new regular readers/viewers. From Warhol to blues music, from B-Westerns to old-time radio shows, from Republic serials to the art of Velazquez, from jazz of all kinds to readings of the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald, there should be something for everyone who has been a reader of the KSE blog here, since the only common denominator in the content featured is that it’s something I enjoy and want to share with YOU.

Life is more stressful than ever right now. Either we try to hunker down, stay home, and stay safe….or our jobs require us to be frontline workers facing danger and potential severe illness on a daily basis—-or a combination of the two. Whatever the situation is, winding down with a classic 1940’s Tom Conway-Nigel Bruce Sherlock Holmes radio show, or a late-period Chet Baker live performance, or a series of late 50’s/early 60’s Buster Keaton TV commercials at the end of a long day is exactly what’s needed. It makes that light at the end of the tunnel seem more possible and the waiting for it more tolerable.

As I’ve always said about each of the 400 or so KSE releases over the decades, and as I say about each of my own poetry books and chapbooks, “I hope you find this interesting and worthwhile,” and I’ll say it again for the online content we’re sharing here. Thanks for taking the time to check in. We’re all in this together.

November 21, 2020

Dane Clark in PAID TO KILL (UK, 1954)

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starring Dane Clark

assistant director, Jimmy Sangster

producer, Anthony Hinds

director, Montgomery Tully


November 20, 2020

“Reflections From The Looking Glass”, 1968 B-side from the 1910 Fruitgum Company

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November 19, 2020

Eddie Condon And His Orchestra ‎– ‘George Gershwin Jazz Concert’ (1949)

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【00:00】A1 – ‘S Wonderful!
・Eddie Condon (Guitar)
・Gene Schroeder (Piano)
・Bob Haggart (Bass)
・George Wettling (Drums)
・Pee Wee Russell (Clarinet)
・Billy Butterfield (Trumpet)
・Jack Teagarden (Trombone)
・Ernie Caceres (Baritone Saxophone)

【02:44】A2 – Somebody Loves Me
・Eddie Condon (Guitar)
・Gene Schroeder (Piano)
・Bob Haggart (Bass)
・George Wettling (Drums)
・Pee Wee Russell (Clarinet)
・Billy Butterfield (Trumpet)
・Bobby Hackett (Trumpet)
・Max Kaminsky (Trumpet)
・Jack Teagarden (Trombone, Vocals)
・Ernie Caceres (Baritone Saxophone)

【05:26】A3 – My One And Only
・Eddie Condon (Guitar)
・Joe Bushkin (Piano)
・Sid Weiss (Bass)
・George Wettling (Drums)
・Edmond Hall (Clarinet)
・Billy Butterfield (Trumpet)
・Bobby Hackett (Trumpet)
・Yank Lausen (Trumpet)
・Lou McGarity (Trombone)
・Joe Dixon (Baritone Saxophone)

【08:48】A4 – Oh, Lady Be Good!
・Eddie Condon (Guitar)
・Jess Stacy (Piano)
・Jack Lesberg (Bass) 
・Johnny Blowers (Drums)
・Joe Dixon (Clarinet)
・Max Kaminsky (Trumpet)
・Lou McGarity (Trombone)

【11:21】B1 – Someone To Watch Over Me
・Eddie Condon And His Orchestra
・Bobby Hackett (Trumpet)
・Jack Teagarden (Trombone)
・Lee Wiley (Vocals)

【14:32】B2 – The Man I Love
・Eddie Condon And His Orchestra
・Bobby Hackett (Trumpet)
・Lee Wiley (Vocals)

【17:38】B3 – Swanee
・Eddie Condon (Guitar)
・Jess Stacy (Piano)
・Jack Lesberg (Bass) 
・Johnny Blowers (Drums)
・Joe Dixon (Clarinet)
・Billy Butterfield (Trumpet)
・Lou McGarity (Trombone)

【20:17】B4 – I’ll Build A Stairway To Paradise
・Eddie Condon (Guitar)
・Joe Bushkin (Piano)
・Sid Weiss (Bass)
・George Wettling (Drums)
・Edmond Hall (Clarinet)
・Yank Lausen (Trumpet)
・Lou McGarity (Trombone)
・Joe Dixon (Baritone Saxophone)

November 18, 2020

Buffalo Bop, Volume 60

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A1 –Mike McAlister Twenty One 2:18
A2 –Linc Jeffries On The Rampage 2:09
A3 –Roland Faulk My Baby’s Gone 2:12
A4 –Donn Williams We Two Rock 2:25
A5 –Joe Tate (3) I’m Free 2:10
A6 –Bobby & The Rhythm Rockers Rhythm Rock 1:58
A7 –Bobby & The Rhythm Rockers Torpedo 1:58
B1 –Danny Zella Saphire 3:00
B2 –Mike McAlister I Don’t Dig It 2:10
B3 –Jan Davis Destination Love 1:58
B4 –Bonnie Blue Bell Let’s Go 2:18
B5 –Carl And Norman Shooting For The Moon 1:45
B6 –Chuck Rivers All Alone At Night 2:15
B7 –Danny Zella Wicked Ruby 2:50

November 17, 2020

Lester Young, “Live in Washington, DC, Volume 4” (1956)

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Bass – Norman Williams
Drums – Jim Lucht
Piano – Bill Potts
Tenor Saxophone – Lester Young

1 Talk Of The Town 7:00
2 I Cover The Waterfront 3:47
3 Pennies From Heaven 6:19
4 G’s, If You Please 5:57
5 Almost Like Being In Love 7:42
6 I’m Confessin’ That I Love You 5:47
7 D.B. Blues 6:42

November 16, 2020

“Dame Dreaming” with BILL DOGGETT (1957)

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album released in 1957

music recorded in 1953 and 1956 at King Records, Cincinatti, Ohio

Bill Doggett – organ
Clifford Scott – tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, flute (tracks 2-12)
Percy France – tenor saxophone (track 1)
Billy Butler (tracks 2-12), Jerry Lane (track 1) – guitar
Edwyn Conley (tracks 2-12), Clarence Mack (track 1) – bass
Shep Shepherd – drums

“Sweet Lorraine” (Cliff Burwell, Mitchell Parish) – 2:23
“Diane” (Ernö Rapée, Lew Pollack) – 2:48
“Dinah” (Harry Akst, Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young) – 2:45
“Ramona” (L. Wolfe Gilbert, Mabel Wayne) – 2:17
“Cherry” (Don Redman, Ray Gilbert) – 3:04
“Cynthia” (Jack Owens, Earl Gish, Billy White) – 2:35
“Jeannine” (Nathaniel Shilkret, Gilbert) – 2:23
“Tangerine” (Victor Schertzinger, Johnny Mercer) – 2:54
“Nancy” (Jimmy Van Heusen, Phil Silvers) – 2:47
“Estrellita” (Manuel Ponce, Frank La Forge) – 2:47
“Laura” (David Raksin, Johnny Mercer) – 2:54
“Marcheta” (Schertzinger) – 2:01

November 15, 2020

Lester Young, “Live in Washington, DC, Volume 3” (1956)

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Bass – Norman Williams
Drums – Jim Lucht
Piano – Bill Potts
Tenor Saxophone – Lester Young

1 Just You, Just Me 7:01
2 Sometimes I’m Happy 5:51
3 Indiana (Back Home Again In ) 5:35
4 Up ‘N Adam 6:30
5 There’ll Never Be Another You 5:13
6 G’s, If You Please 6:43

November 14, 2020

13 November 1967, NYC

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November 13, 2020

Joe Estevez IS Armed For Action! (Action International Pictures, 1992)

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November 12, 2020

Lee Hazlewood – The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes & Backsides (1968-71)

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Lee Hazlewood – The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes & Backsides (1968-71)
Released 2013-07-05 on Light In The Attic

  1. 00:00:00 Lee Hazlewood Califia (Stone Rider)
  2. 00:02:47 Lee Hazlewood The Bed
  3. 00:05:28 Lee Hazlewood Sleep in the Grass
  4. 00:08:49 Lee Hazlewood Leather and Lace
  5. 00:11:56 Lee Hazlewood If It’s Monday Morning
  6. 00:15:57 Lee Hazlewood The Night Before
  7. 00:19:15 Lee Hazlewood Bye Babe
  8. 00:22:53 Lee Hazlewood Victims of the Night
  9. 00:25:31 Lee Hazlewood Chico
  10. 00:28:12 Lee Hazlewood Hey Cowboy
  11. 00:31:33 Lee Hazlewood No Train to Stockholm
  12. 00:33:55 Lee Hazlewood Won’t You Tell Your Dreams
  13. 00:37:51 Lee Hazlewood Nobody Like You
  14. 00:40:47 Lee Hazlewood Trouble Maker
  15. 00:43:18 Lee Hazlewood What’s More I Don’t Need Her
  16. 00:46:54 Lee Hazlewood Come on Home to Me
  17. 00:49:55 Lee Hazlewood I Just Learned to Run

November 11, 2020

West Coast trumpeter JACK SHELDON, interviewed by Monk Rowe

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November 10, 2020

Movin’ With Nancy (1967 TV special)

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Movin’ With Nancy

broadcast in Color on NBC-TV on 11 December 1967

sponsored by Royal Crown Cola…..

November 9, 2020

Earl Owensby: The Man, The Myth (1997)

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November 8, 2020

Al Caiola and Orchestra, “Guitars, Woodwinds & Bongos” (United Artists Ultra Audio LP), 1960

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Here is a classic album from the Golden Age of space-age bachelor pad pop-jazz (or is it jazzy pop?), played by the best and hippest studio musicians of the day, here featuring the lead guitars of both Al Caiola and Bucky Pizzarelli, along with a boatload of exotic percussion instruments and other novelty instruments (such as a bassoon), calculated to produce a frothy, jazzy, ping-pong-ing, 1960-futuristic musical Pop Art painting that would have brought out all the hidden dimensions of your expensive hi-fi system.

Music like this is timeless, in that is so richly captures the zeitgeist of a particular period, and in so many dimensions, it will always provide a lush time capsule for those so included to take the trip.

Thanks to the excellent Nuggets From The Moon channel on You Tube (you need to subscribe to their channel and enjoy hundreds of quality rare LP’s of lounge, lounge-jazz, and soundtracks. Sit back, be sure to be BETWEEN the stereo speakers, and enjoy…..


“Guitars, Woodwinds & Bongos” LP

United Artists Ultra Audio records, 1960

A1 Give Me The Simple Life 2:17
A2 Cuckoo 2:21
A3 I May Be Wrong But I Think You’re Wonderful 2:19
A4 Steel Guitar Rag 1:56
A5 Bernie’s Tune 2:30
A6 Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off 2:15
B1 Jeepers Creepers 2:25
B2 Dance Of The Spanish Onion 1:40
B3 Gypsy In My Soul 2:35
B4 Petite Waltz 2:07
B5 Too Marvelous For Words 2:19
B6 Tango Boogie 1:55

November 7, 2020

Smokin’ With The Chet Baker Quartet (1965)

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“Grade “A” Gravy” – 6:27
“Serenity” – 5:21
“Fine and Dandy” – 7:23
“Have You Met Miss Jones?” – 6:38
“Rearin’ Back” – 6:04
“So Easy” – 6:52

Chet Baker – flugelhorn
George Coleman – tenor saxophone
Kirk Lightsey – piano
Herman Wright – bass
Roy Brooks – drums

Recorded in NYC, August 23-25 (part of five albums of material recorded in those three days)

November 6, 2020

Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce in SHERLOCK HOLMES IN THE HOUSE OF FEAR (1945)

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