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January 10, 2021

H.G. Lewis’ HOW TO MAKE A DOLL (1968)

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HOW TO MAKE A DOLL is perhaps the most-reviled of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ original 60’s and early 70’s feature films, and those who have commented on it tend display an anger that I don’t see with the commentary on other off-the-wall second-tier Lewis films such as, say, THE MAGIC WORLD OF MOTHER GOOSE or MISS NYMPHET’S ZAP-IN (both of which I found very entertaining, by the way). A typical comment states that the film is “a nudie comedy with no nudity or comedy,” and on some level, that’s an accurate assessment. Those wanting nudity should look elsewhere as the ladies on parade here are bikini-clad. As for humor, those wanting what would be considered quality jokes or first-rate slapstick comedy should look elsewhere. However, what you DO get here is so bizarre, so existing in its own curious universe, one that resembles no other known universe, that it’s fascinating as an outsider artifact…but it’s NOT an outsider artifact because it played low-grade bills across the nation and people paid to see this at a theater or drive-in. And that is part of its appeal.

As someone who has watched many early-sound comedy shorts that are not at all funny in the traditional sense but where the players act as if they are being funny, I can appreciate how people who are not great comic talents delivering

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