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January 11, 2021

Don Preston, ‘Bluse’ (1968 LP)

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DON PRESTON , ‘BLUSE’ (A&M Records 4155, released 1968)

Baby It’s You 2:00
Standing In My Tears 3:22
You Don’t Know What You Got 2:05
Ninety-Nine & A Half 3:18
Morning Rain 2:55
Lookin’ For My Baby 2:46
Something You’ve Got 4:07
Further Up The Road 2:41
It’s Only A Tear 3:57

Where has this fine late 60’s blues album been all my life? I know Mr. Preston (no relation to the Don Preston who worked with Frank Zappa) from his work with Leon Russell and Joe Cocker, and I’ve owned his superb STILLROCK album on Enterprise since the mid-70’s. Also, I remember his 1974 LP for Shelter getting FM airplay in Denver and Boulder back in the day (Preston is originally a fellow Colorado boy!), but I don’t remember seeing this in my decades of used-record hunting (or maybe I’d spent my day’s money before coming across this in the stacks?). I just stumbled across it on You Tube today. However, the blues is timeless, and so many great blues albums were made in the 1960’s that it’s inevitable some would not get the attention they deserved.

Preston is a soulful vocalist and a powerful guitarist (just look at the quality of the people he’s played with over the decades….Google his name), and this album—-one of two he recorded for A&M—-is sure to please anyone who enjoys second-generation late 60’s blues. I’m listening to it a third time this afternoon!

This would be the perfect album to pair with, say, the PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC album on Kent, though it’s rootsier and more satisfying, IMHO.

Thanks to Don Preston for such a fine and satisfying album—-I hope a lot of people have been enjoying it for the last 52 years, even though I’m a bit late in discovering it.

Settle back, pour a quality micro-brew, and pretend you’re in a small club—-this album sounds like the kind of live blues concert that leaves you feeling satisfied.


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  1. His ‘Hot Air Through A Straw’ album is fabulous.

    Comment by guy lawrence — February 19, 2021 @ 4:32 pm | Reply

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