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February 27, 2021

California Love-In, Volume 4 (compilation)

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Thanks to Where The Buffalo Roam 1968 MP3 blog….


February 25, 2021

Amory Kane, “Just To Be There” (1970, UK Columbia LP, his 2nd album)

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AMORY KANE, ‘Just To Be There’

Columbia Records UK, 1970, his 2nd LP

I’ve owned Mr. Kane’s first album, the 1968 Memories of Time Unwound, on UK MCA, for many years and play it often, but had not heard his 2nd album, JUST TO BE THERE, until recently. Wow….he goes a lot deeper here, and I would offer this album as a fine example of everything that’s special about UK folk-psych (though he’s American originally, from San Francisco, and seems to be back in the US and in San Francisco, based on his Soundcloud page). If color-filled poetic lyrics with sensitive vocals and atmospheric, complex acoustic musical settings work for you the way they do for me, you won’t want to miss this unique creation. DO NOT put this on while you are balancing the checkbook or making dinner, although it does have a magical “sound”—-no, pour yourself a cup of potent oolong tea before sunrise and put this on while the blurred first-morning sun rises sleepily over the trees in the East….and enter in to its world.

Thanks to Mr. Amory Kane for creating this magical haunting album that sounds as fresh today as it must have sounded in 1970. It’s a big-ticket item nowadays, so until Light In The Attic or Sundazed or Grapefruit or some other label does a legit reissue, here is the album for you to savor….the perfect pairing of poetic lyrics, understated and sensitive vocals, and rich but uncluttered shimmering acoustic sound paintings in the music.

Definitely in my folk-psych Top 10.

  1. Evolution [0:00] , 2. Llanstephan Hill [6:52] , 3. Four Ravens [11:12] , 4. Golden Laces [15:24] , 5. Get Together [23:20] , 6. After Vytas Leaves [28:00] , 7. Childhood’s End [31:16] , 8. The Inbetween Man [34:53] , 9. The Hitchhiker’s Song [37:48] , 10. Tenderly Stooping Low [41:04]


February 23, 2021

Greenwood, Curlee & Clyde – One Time, One Place (1972)

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St. Paul, Minnesota, 1972

I had a dream once that I was in Ojai, California in the mid-to-late 70’s, having followed a lady who was eight or ten years older (I would have been around 20) out there, one who’d offered me a place to stay and some kind of work at a store she co-owned that sold candles, crystals, and what would later be called Aromatherapy items, along with incense, cassettes of New Age music (though it was not called that at the time), etc. I thought that perhaps I could hear a talk from Krishnamurti while I was in the area, but alas, he was overseas on a lecture tour during the period in the dream, so that did not happen. She and I would go out to a local coffeehouse each weekend (there were 4 or 5 in the area) to catch live music, while she networked with people between sets to promote the store. The band playing at the coffee house–and in the dream it seemed as though one or two of them were also workers there–sounded very much like GREENWOOD, CURLEE & CLYDE. Make yourself an espresso and burn some incense at about 9 pm some evening, dim the lights, and put this album on….and perhaps we can re-create my dream with YOU in it too.

  1. Changes [0:00​] , 2. One Time One Place [4:54​] , 3. Little Willy [8:38​] , 4. Sitting At The Crossroads [12:57​] , 5. Wandering [17:09​] , 6. Kind Woman [21:49​] , 7. Brother Song [24:30​] , 8. One Little Man [31:30​] , 9. Christmas Song [38:51​] , 10. Together [43:24​]

February 21, 2021

George Harrison, Yokohama, Japan, 1 December 1991–a one-time-only song performance!

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George Harrison’s second and final tour (his first tour was the North American 1974 tour) was of Japan in December 1991. There were twelve performances, and the set-list stayed the same throughout except for the first two shows. “Fish On The Sand” only lasted for the first two shows before being dropped from the set (a shame–it was done in a kind of slow-groove style that fit it well and was better than the studio version, IMHO), but “Love Comes To Everyone” lasted only ONE night before being dropped. It too was done in a relaxed style that gave the song a deeper feeling than the studio version….to me, at least. Harrison did release a LIVE IN JAPAN album that’s worth owning, but you can find all twelve shows on bootleg CD, and when I first had the opportunity to get a set of all 12 shows on silver disc, I went for it, despite the cost, and I’ve been enjoying the shows ever since. Yes, Eric Clapton (who assembled the band for Harrison) does get a four-song mini-set in each show, alas, but I can put up with that as an intermission placeholder while the main act gets a break for a few minutes.

Here is that Yokohama 1 December 1991 performance of “Love Comes To Everyone.”

Enjoy…. Yes, the audience video is out of focus, but we’re lucky there’s any video footage at all. The music comes through just fine.


February 19, 2021

BOLD (ABC Records LP, 1970)

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BOLD (ABC Records, March 1970, LP), a later recording by the same group as STEVE WALKER & THE BOLD.

Many of these ABC albums could be had for $5 or less until the late 80’s and early 90’s, even as late as say 1998 on some albums that remained under the radar (those days are gone). ABC spent money on these albums (many had gatefold sleeves), they were well-recorded, and their A&R people had great taste in underground bands of the day. The downside for the bands was that ABC’s promotion was inadequate and a lot of the albums were instant cutouts beyond the band’s home territory, which for Steve Walker and The Bold was Massachusetts/New England/New York. You can find comments online about what a great live band they were, and of course, and 60’s garage-rock fan knows and loves their earlier singles on Cameo and Dynovoice. One comment I saw online was from someone in a local New England band of the late 60’s who talked about how The Bold were THE band to emulate! According to Discogs, “They were the house band at the Playboy Club in New York City in 1968 where they played 7 nights a week.” Just imagine it’s, say, 1983, and you found a VG+ copy of this album for $3.00, you picked up a six-pack of cheap malt liquor for $1.79, and you had change left from your five dollar bill, and an exciting evening of listening ahead of you. Light a candle, open the window, turn off the lights and drift away…. listen multiple times….

A1 Lullaby Opus Four
Written-By – Mike Chmura*
A2 All I Really Want To Do
Written-By – Bob Dylan
A3 Friendly Smile
Written-By – Steve Walker
A4 Changing Seasons
Written-By – Dick La Freniere
A5 Factory (Version 3)
Written-By – Steve Walker
A6 Crystal Chambers
Written-By – Mike Chmura*
B1 Free Fugue
Written-By – Bob La Palm*
B2 Child Of Love
Written-By – Steve Walker
B3 For What It’s Worth
Written-By – Steve Stills*
B4 It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
Written-By – Bob Dylan
B5 Words Don’t Make It
Written-By – Steve Walker


Remember, (used) records are your best entertainment value!


February 17, 2021

MANILA, OPEN CITY (Philippines, 1968), written-produced-directed by Eddie Romero

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written, produced, and directed by Eddie Romero

Philippines 1968


I was unfamiliar with this film until I heard director Eddie Romero discuss it in a video interview included with the Severin DVD of the film TERROR IS A MAN. A non-horror film, it was clearly something Mr. Romero was quite proud of (and ER mentioned in the interview that this was the first film he brought John Ashley to the Philippines for, prior to the Blood Island films), and he has good reason to be, as it’s a well-mounted, moving, patriotic and well-acted film that depicts the Philippines standing up to the Japanese during WWII and trying to re-united a nation that was broken in two by the war and under siege. It probably did not receive a warm reception in Japan. Congrats to Senor Romero on this epic film.

Give it a try!


February 15, 2021

Sonny Thompson, ‘Drive In’ b/w ‘Drive Out’ (1957 single, 78 & 45, on Chart Records)

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February 13, 2021

Jerry Merrick, ‘Follow Follow Follow’ (Mercury Records LP, 1969)

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A1 As Leaves Turn Brown
A2 Love Is A Word Token
A3 The Stranger
A4 Just Like A Spirit Shroud
A5 To Find You
A6 The Pond
B1 Follow
B2 Sweet Babe
B3 The Flowers Are Fighting
B4 Please Hold Close
B5 Please Clear The Air


In 1969, or here in 2021, quality singer-songwriters with a poetic tinge, artists who are able to create a “world” through their performances of their own songs, are always welcome. The late Jerry Merrick is, alas, better known for the performances of his songs by others (especially Richie Havens, but also Jerry Jeff Walker and BJ Thomas) than via his own recordings. His song “Follow” has become a classic, not just through Havens’ transcendent performances, but also through recordings by artists as diverse as Chad Mitchell and Susan Tedeschi! Here is a full album, from Mercury Records in 1969, of Merrick singing Merrick. He’s also featured on guitar, though lead guitar is from the great Hugh McCracken. Until Covid hit, and the bars and cafes became off-limits to visit safely, Mary Anne and I would check out live music most weekends, and we still discover fine poetic singer-songwriters in the most unexpected off-the-beaten-path kind of places here in Texas (and also New Mexico). Just imagine you’ve found a comfortable chair in a cozy corner of a small cafe in, say, Ruidoso, New Mexico, or Marble Falls, Texas, it’s raining outside, and you’ve got a fresh pint of local microbrew in front of you.

Jerry Merrick is taking the small stage….and he’s got a dozen new songs to share.

February 11, 2021

Bob Steele in ‘Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin’ (1937)

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February 10, 2021

Types of Ragas

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February 9, 2021

Fernando Poe Jr. in THE LETHAL HUNT (aka Partida, Philippines, 1985)

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February 8, 2021

Gary Busey discusses Leon Russell

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Here’s a slice of Oklahoma cultural history….the great Gary Busey (my fellow Oklahoma State University man) discusses his longtime friendship and musical work with Leon Russell… and also the Tulsa cultural scene:

February 7, 2021

Young-Holt Unlimited, ‘Plays Superfly’ (Paula Records LP, 1973)

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Young-Holt Unlimited, “Plays Superfly” (Paula Records LP, 1973)

A1 Freddie’s Dead 4:32
A2 Give Me Your Love 3:15
A3 Pusher Man 3:48
A4 Superfly 3:20
A5 Hey Pancho 4:00
B1 Could It Be I’m Falling In Love 4:26
B2 (They Long To Be) Close To You 3:50
B3 People Make The World Go Round 6:00
B4 Mystical Man 3:50

Bass, Saxophone [Alto] – Eldee Young
Congas – Derf
Drums – Issac “Redd” Holt
Electric Piano – Ken Chaney
Organ, Guitar – Ringo


February 5, 2021

BLUE MITCHELL, ‘Graffiti Blues’ (1973 LP, Mainstream Records)

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1.Graffiti Blues [0:00]
2.Yeah ya right [7:17]
3.Express [12:47]
4.Asso-kam [17:54]
5.Dorado [25:18]

JOE SAMPLE : piano
DON BAYLEY : harmonica
HERMAN RILEY : tenor sax
RAY POUNDS : drums

February 3, 2021

Street, ‘Street’ (1968 LP, Verve Forecast Records)

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STREET (featuring Anya Cohen), “Street” (Verve Forecast Records, 1968)



A1 Multilevular Conversational Tightrope Walkin’ Shoes 3:19
A2 Boeing 707 3:15
A3 Some Thoughts Of A Young Man’s Girl 2:53
A4 Medley: 5:55
A4a If I Needed Someone
A4b Tomorrow’s A Long, Long Time
B1 See See Rider 2:56
B2 What A Strange Town 6:04
B3 It’s Hard To Live On Promises 3:10
B4 There’s One Kind Favor 2:58
B5 High Heel Sneakers 2:53


February 1, 2021

Bill Black’s Combo, ‘Soulin’ The Blues’ (1969 Hi Records LP)

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A1 Hoochie Coochie 2:27
A2 Everyday I Have The Blues 2:24
A3 Dust My Broom 2:30
A4 Blue Shadows 2:58
A5 Prowlin’ 1:59
A6 No Time 2:30
B1 Birds And The Bees 1:52
B2 Things I Used To Do 1:58
B3 Spoonful 2:31
B4 Imperial Tempo 2:08
B5 Mrs. Nelly B 2:27
B6 Last Train 2:08



1969 LP, Hi Records, Recorded in Memphis

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