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February 21, 2021

George Harrison, Yokohama, Japan, 1 December 1991–a one-time-only song performance!

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George Harrison’s second and final tour (his first tour was the North American 1974 tour) was of Japan in December 1991. There were twelve performances, and the set-list stayed the same throughout except for the first two shows. “Fish On The Sand” only lasted for the first two shows before being dropped from the set (a shame–it was done in a kind of slow-groove style that fit it well and was better than the studio version, IMHO), but “Love Comes To Everyone” lasted only ONE night before being dropped. It too was done in a relaxed style that gave the song a deeper feeling than the studio version….to me, at least. Harrison did release a LIVE IN JAPAN album that’s worth owning, but you can find all twelve shows on bootleg CD, and when I first had the opportunity to get a set of all 12 shows on silver disc, I went for it, despite the cost, and I’ve been enjoying the shows ever since. Yes, Eric Clapton (who assembled the band for Harrison) does get a four-song mini-set in each show, alas, but I can put up with that as an intermission placeholder while the main act gets a break for a few minutes.

Here is that Yokohama 1 December 1991 performance of “Love Comes To Everyone.”

Enjoy…. Yes, the audience video is out of focus, but we’re lucky there’s any video footage at all. The music comes through just fine.


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