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February 25, 2021

Amory Kane, “Just To Be There” (1970, UK Columbia LP, his 2nd album)

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AMORY KANE, ‘Just To Be There’

Columbia Records UK, 1970, his 2nd LP

I’ve owned Mr. Kane’s first album, the 1968 Memories of Time Unwound, on UK MCA, for many years and play it often, but had not heard his 2nd album, JUST TO BE THERE, until recently. Wow….he goes a lot deeper here, and I would offer this album as a fine example of everything that’s special about UK folk-psych (though he’s American originally, from San Francisco, and seems to be back in the US and in San Francisco, based on his Soundcloud page). If color-filled poetic lyrics with sensitive vocals and atmospheric, complex acoustic musical settings work for you the way they do for me, you won’t want to miss this unique creation. DO NOT put this on while you are balancing the checkbook or making dinner, although it does have a magical “sound”—-no, pour yourself a cup of potent oolong tea before sunrise and put this on while the blurred first-morning sun rises sleepily over the trees in the East….and enter in to its world.

Thanks to Mr. Amory Kane for creating this magical haunting album that sounds as fresh today as it must have sounded in 1970. It’s a big-ticket item nowadays, so until Light In The Attic or Sundazed or Grapefruit or some other label does a legit reissue, here is the album for you to savor….the perfect pairing of poetic lyrics, understated and sensitive vocals, and rich but uncluttered shimmering acoustic sound paintings in the music.

Definitely in my folk-psych Top 10.

  1. Evolution [0:00] , 2. Llanstephan Hill [6:52] , 3. Four Ravens [11:12] , 4. Golden Laces [15:24] , 5. Get Together [23:20] , 6. After Vytas Leaves [28:00] , 7. Childhood’s End [31:16] , 8. The Inbetween Man [34:53] , 9. The Hitchhiker’s Song [37:48] , 10. Tenderly Stooping Low [41:04]


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