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April 27, 2021

Kasenetz-Katz Super Cirkus ‎– ‘To You, With Love’ (1969 single B-side)

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Many years ago I published a six-page poetry chapbook called THROWAWAY B-SIDE (see pic at bottom), which was inspired by the Kasenetz-Katz B-side “Sticky Sticky”–it could just as easily have been inspired by today’s selection, another mind-bending throwaway B-side from K&K. Forget the intentionality of the artist here (you can read exactly how this was created in the notes to the You Tube post)–just think about how K&K put this sound-creation into the hands of tens of thousands of listeners around the world (this also got releases in Canada, Spain, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand). That is something admirable and far more subversive than the work of people who have to remind you that their artwork is “transgressive.” Andy Warhol would have admired this kind of creation (if this track is not avant-garde pop-art, I don’t know what is), and I love the fact that it may have wound up in multiple Woolworths stores in backwater towns via the good old ’10 singles for 99 cents’ sealed packs. Who knows if anyone ever had a Revolution #9 kind of epiphany while listening to this track after drinking some of the original version of Vicks Formula 44 cough syrup….

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