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May 31, 2021

HAROLD LAND, ‘Xocia’s Dance’ (Muse Records LP, 1981)

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A1 Dark Mood 0:00​
A2 Daisy Forever 8:17​
A3 Xocia’s Dance (Sue-sha’s Dance) 17:37​
B1 Ah, I See 22:32​
B2 To Lydia With Love 32:33​

Bass – John Heard
Drums – Billy Higgins
Percussion – Ray Armando
Piano – George Cables
Tenor Saxophone – Harold Land
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Oscar Brashear
Vibraphone – Bobby Hutcherson (tracks: A2, B1, B2)

produced by Esmond Edwards


May 29, 2021

Ray Danton and Guy Madison in SANDOKAN AGAINST THE LEOPARD OF SARAWAK (Italy, 1964)

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SANDOKAN AGAINST THE LEOPARD OF SARAWAK (Italy, 1964), starring RAY DANTON as Sandokan and GUY MADISON (but not Madison’s voice, alas) as Yanez. Directed by LUIGI CAPUANO. Many other familiar faces here including MARIO PETRI, FRANCA BETTOIA, ALBERTO FARNESE, ALDO BUFI LANDI, etc. Nice to hear Danton dubbing himself, as he had such a rich and commanding voice. aka THRONE OF VENGENACE, aka RETURN OF SANDOKAN. The perfect viewing after a long and tiring work day for those who like both American adventure serials of the 1930s and 1940s as well as Italian sword and sandal films–this combines the best of both worlds in a pulpy stew that would appeal to the ten year old boy in all of us. Also, Danton and Madison, two of my favorites, make a great team. In the early days of VHS video tape, I somehow had a number of films (7 or 8, as I remember) directed by LUIGI CAPUANO, and the man had a flair for pulpy costumed adventures–he worked with Danton, Madison, and Lex Barker multiple times, which shows his good taste in leading men, and he brought out sides of them not seen so much in their American films.

May 27, 2021

Jack Benny’s Carnival Nights (1968 TV special)

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JACK BENNY’S CARNVAL NIGHTS, w/ Johnny Carson, Lucille Ball, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Ben Blue

original broadcast date: 20 March 1968, NBC Television Network

Enjoy! (link below–unlike the You Tube link, this one includes all the Raiders material)

May 25, 2021

Charles Southwood and Julián Mateos in ‘I PROTECT MYSELF AGAINST MY ENEMIES’ (Italy, 1968)

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May 24, 2021

Three new books for Summer/Fall 2021!

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Very proud to announce that I’ll have THREE new books coming out in the second half of 2021.

First, JUNK SCULPTURE FROM THE NEW GILDED AGE: SELECTED POEMS, 2005-2017, coming from Moloko Print in Germany. The final proofs have been approved and it’s going to press soon and should be expected in July-August. This is a collection of long out-of-print pieces from old KSE chapbooks and elsewhere, none of which have been reprinted since, and it opens with “Lament For The Living,” my re-imagining of the final days of Chet Baker, and includes a wide variety of pieces including a blank verse Petrarchan sonnet from my collection SONNETS FOR BILL DOGGETT, and a number of poems I used to perform in the 2008-2013 period when I’d do multiple readings each year in different cities, along with the complete OBJECTLESS (for Kazimir Malevich), from 2007, which uses no nouns or pronouns, in my attempt to contrive a “no things” poetic equivalent to Malevich’s painting, a work that I’m very happy to see getting a second life. All have been reformatted (as an open-field poet, I compose by the page) for this unique volume. As I’ve moved on to exclusively long-form book-length poems since 2016, re-acquainting myself with these pieces is like looking at old adolescent pictures…it’s me, but I’ve changed since then. Moloko commissioned this book back in 2018 and has done a fine job—-I hope these older pieces find a new audience and thus new life.

Second, coming from Bear Manor Media in the late Summer/early Fall, the new collection of Ed Wood’s early 70s non-fiction articles for adult magazines, WHEN THE TOPIC IS SEX, compiled and edited by Bob Blackburn, for which I provided a critical introduction that is informative and that contextualizes these works within the overall body of Wood’s work and within the tradition of pulp magazine writing. This volume comes on the heels of the two previous volumes of Wood’s magazine fiction–Blood Spatters Quickly and Angora Fever–put together by Mr. Blackburn, who is one half of the estate of Kathleen O’Hara Wood (EW’s widow) and a true friend to Ed Wood’s memory and legacy. This book is sure to attract a lot of attention, is an exciting read, and will add a significant chunk to EW’s available writings. It was an honor to be involved with this book and I look forward to its release and reception.

Murillo: The Self-Portraits

Third, now edited and formatted and also off to the printers is my new poetry book, from KSE, TWO SELF-PORTRAITS (AFTER MURILLO), which is in the diptych format used in my previous book COMPLEMENTARY ANGLES, and is a forty-six page work inspired by the two surviving self-portraits from the Spanish Baroque painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. That should be available for online purchase by August (I hope), and I’ll write about it more when it’s about to be released. Until then, why not grab a copy of COMPLEMENTARY ANGLES now–it’s a work I’m quite proud of and you can order it today for only $8.95. Here’s the link:

As always, thanks for your interest over the years/decades in my various projects. Since the first issue of my Inner Mystique ‘zine came out circa 1981, some of you have now been onboard this train of mine for nearly 40 years (and I’ve been a contributor to UGLY THINGS magazine for over 35 years !).

To close (I’ll be heading over to Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico, soon for the start of the horse-racing season, our first live racing in two years), here is the author bio that Moloko Print is using for JUNK SCULPTURE FROM THE NEW GILDED AGE:

Working out of San Antonio,
Texas, Bill Shute (born 1958) has
published thirteen books and over
one hundred chapbooks of open-field
poetry, assemblages of particulars
from an increasingly beaten-down
and militarized American South and
Southwest. He has recorded poetry and-music collaborations with a
number of experimental and
free-jazz artists, including
Alfred 23 Harth, and since 2006 he
has operated the South Texas-based
small label and press Kendra
Steiner Editions. Shute has also
written extensively about music
since the 1970s and has been
a contributor for Ugly Things
magazine for 35 years. In 2012
he assembled the band for and
produced an acclaimed Austin
concert by legendary outsider
musician Jandek. Most recently
he issued the book-length poem
Complementary Angles and provided
the critical introduction for
a new collection of filmmaker
Edward D. Wood Jr.’s early 1970s
non-fiction writings, When The
Topic Is Sex (Bear Manor Media).
He can be found at

May 23, 2021

As Mùsicas de Henry Mancini Em Bossa Nova

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  1. Champagne And Quail (00:00) // 2. Charade (02:52) // 3. Days Of Wine And Roses (07:10) // 4. Royal Blue (09:54) // 5. Megeve (12:43) // 6. Moon River (15:06) // 7. Sally’s Tomato (18:06) // 8. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (21:27) // 9. Night Side (25:00) // 10. Latin Snowfall (27:11) // 11. Mr. Lucky (29:46) // 12. Dreamsville (32:12) projeto artistico musical: Durval Ferreira. Note: I’ve seen differing dates put forward for this album, ranging over a 25 year period (beginning in 1967), so I’ll just state that it’s classic Mancini, classic Bossa Nova, and thus timeless….

May 21, 2021

ANNO DOMINI, ‘On This New Day’ (UK 1971, Deram LP)

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  1. So You Want To Be A Rock ‘N Roll Star [0:00​] , 2. On This New Day [5:08​] , 3. Bad Lands Of Ardguth [7:07​] , 4. Regency Days [10:23​] , 5. Hitchcock Railway [13:18​] , 6. This Good Life I Have Known [18:33​] , 7. The Trapper [21:49​] , 8. Daddy Rowlin [24:16​] , 9. Five O’Clock In The Morning [28:35​] , 10. June Tremayne [31:44​]

May 19, 2021

Ben Bernie and His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra, DeForest Phonofilm sound film from 1924-25!

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1. “Medley of Songs” 2. “Craving” 3. “Titina” 4 . “Sweet Georgia Brown” (filmed late 1924 or early 1925)

May 17, 2021

Dorsey Brothers Band Live At Hotel Statler ~1956

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Tommy Dorsey would pass away later in 1956 and brother Jimmy would follow in 1957, not living to see the Big Band era fully marginalized in the 1960’s, but they kept the fires burning until the end, and this 1956 fifteen-minute broadcast is a wonderful snapshot of their late period, at a venue they played often in the early 50’s, the Hotel Statler.

Better known as the Hotel Pennsylvania, both before and after being known as the Statler, a lot of Big Band history happened there—-indeed, the Glenn Miller hit  “Pennsylvania 6-5000” was based on the hotel’s phone number. The hotel closed indefinitely due to Covid in April 2020.

Just imagine that you’ve saved for a month for dinner, cocktails, a show, and an overnight stay at the Hotel Statler (had I been born a few generations earlier, I’d have taken Mary Anne there!)…. YOU, a long-time Dorsey Brothers fan from the provinces, enjoying a juicy prime rib (with a tangy horseradish crust), a bottle of Cab Sav, and finally getting to see Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey….and at an elegant venue! NBC is broadcasting a fifteen-minute segment of the performance, so the rest of the family back home can hear what you are experiencing in-person. Just two years later, such an experience would have been impossible, on any number of levels, so let the waiter refill your crystal water goblet, and enjoy another fresh-baked Parker House roll and a pat of butter with the hotel’s logo embedded into it….ladies and gentlemen, the Fabulous Dorseys.

May 15, 2021

Robert Ginty in ‘Out On Bail’ (Trans World Entertainment, 1989 VHS)

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May 13, 2021

Charles Napier for Radio Shack (1978)

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May 11, 2021

Alan Curtis in PHILO VANCE’S GAMBLE (PRC Pictures, 1947)

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May 9, 2021

BLUE CHEER IV (1969 LP, Philips Records)

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The fourth BLUE CHEER album (simply titled “Blue Cheer” but called BLUE CHEER IV among us BC fans) does not get a lot of respect because it’s compared with their amazing first three albums. How could anything compare with those? On the 4th, 5th, and 6th albums—-all of which I’ve owned for decades—-the ever-evolving Blue Cheer line-up goes in some different directions, with a more laid-back sound that’s both rootsy and trippy, but trippy in an earthier way than the earlier albums. One online source said that it sounds like a cross between The Band and Steppenwolf, and that really nails it, IMHO. The songwriting can be a bit generic, and if Dickie Peterson is not singing, it might be hard to recognize that this is actually the same Blue Cheer who did OUT OF FOCUS, but it’s a solid three-star album and if it were not being compared with their first three albums, and if it had come out under some other name than Blue Cheer, it would probably be considered a “lost classic” of some sort. Put it on after a long day at work when you’re winding down with a beer….if you’re like me, you’ll be glad that it exists and that the band kept evolving through the final three albums in their original six-album incarnation (of course, they went back to their original sound/format in the later recordings….BLITZKREIG OVER NUREMBERG is a masterpiece of “heavy” and throbbing Blue Cheer). Besides, a band that combines elements of The Band and Steppenwolf would be a must-hear in my book, though Dickie and the boys found their own sound and can’t be called derivative.

Imagine yourself coming down at 3 a.m. in a cabin on a mountainside outside Ojai, listening to this album by candlelight….

Note: this link is to the CD reissue, which includes 2 non-LP 45’s and the single versions of two songs from the album as a bonus, after the album’s original 10 tracks….. enjoy!

Dickie Peterson – bass, lead vocals
Bruce Stephens – guitar, lead & backing vocals
Ralph Burns Kellogg – keyboards
Norman Mayell – drums, percussion
Gary Lee Yoder – guitar, harmonica, vocals

02.You’re Gonna Need Someone
03.Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham
04.Saturday Freedom
05.Ain’t That The Way (Love’s Supposed To Be)
06.Rock And Roll Queens
07.Better When We Try
08.Natural Man
09.Lovin’ You’s Easy
10.The Same Old Story

Bonus Tracks
11.All Night Long
13.Fool (45 version)
14.Ain’t That the Way (45 version)


May 7, 2021

3 of the 1931-32 “Shadow” short subjects made at Universal

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note: if you want to skip the non-essential modern spoken intro, please start the video at 2:30….

May 5, 2021

Steve Baron, ‘A Wanderer Like You’ LP (Paramount Records, 1973)

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Recorded in Nashville, Produced by Pete Drake

A1 I’m A Wanderer Like You 3:04
A2 Happiness Is Just Like Breathing Space 3:00
A3 Magic Magician 7:30
A4 Letting Go 3:27
A5 I’ve Thought A Little Bit 3:15
B1 Highwire 4:37
B2 There’s No Place For Us In The Garden 4:23
B3 This Song’s For Dancing 3:27
B4 You Were Just Dancing 4:37
B5 Everybody Wants To Get To Heaven (Still Another Version) 3:31



May 3, 2021

original motion picture soundtrack LP, BORN LOSERS (1967), on Tower Records

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A1 –The Sidewalk Sounds Billy Jack’s Theme
A2 –The Sidewalk Sounds The Loser’s Bar
A3 –Terry Stafford Forgive Me
A4 –The Sidewalk Sounds Gangreen’s Fight
A5 –The Sidewalk Sounds The Born Loser’s Theme
B1 –Terry Stafford Alone — Never To Love Again
B2 –Summer Saxaphones Billy Jack’s Theme
B3 –The Sidewalk Sounds Born Loser’s Stripper
B4 –The Sidewalk Sounds Vicki’s Theme
B5 –The Sidewalk Sounds The Born Loser’s Dirge

on some tracks, The Sidewalk Sounds are DAVIE ALLAN AND THE ARROWS…’ll have no problem telling which ones!

music produced and supervised by Mike Curb with Al Simms

Ahhh, those instant-cutout Mike Curb-produced Tower and Sidewalk biker and exploitation film soundtracks from the AIP and Trans-American library, with their ten-minutes of music per side and Tower’s sublime Duophonic stereo (or better yet, in Mono). Many are still cheap…they were in the $2 range as I picked them up back in the 70’s and 80’s. This one is particularly fine with lots of Davie Allan, punctuated with moody vocals from Terry Stafford. I’m not Tom Laughlin’s biggest fan, but most would admit that BORN LOSERS, the first of the films to feature his Billy Jack character, was the best of the series. Curb has put many of these soundtrack albums up for free (well, you have to sit through ads….sorry about that) on You Tube for all to enjoy, so I’ve been putting them up here for YOU to enjoy.


May 1, 2021

Joachim Fuchsberger and Klaus Kinski in Edgar Wallace’s DER SCHWARZE ALT / THE BLACK ABBOT (Germany, 1963)

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Blog at