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August 1, 2021

original motion picture soundtrack THUNDER ALLEY (1967)

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The 1967 feature film THUNDER ALLEY, starring Fabian and Annette Funicello, is available elsewhere on this website, so why not also enjoy the original Mike Curb-produced Sidewalk Records soundtrack LP! With names like Curb, Richard Podolor, Davie Allan, Band Without A Name (who later evolved into The American Revolution), and the team of Hemric-Styner (look elsewhere on this blog for the feature film SKI FEVER featuring their music–I could listen to the songs of Jerry Styner and Guy Hemric all day! a documentary should be made about them, if there’s one about The Wrecking Crew), you know you’re in good hands. In retrospect, the AIP/Curb soundtracks were the fruits of a Golden Age that was over after a few years, alas. Yes, the albums were often instant cutout fodder (which is where I first heard many of them) and could be around 20 minutes long, but they had the same kind of instant appeal as the films and are the perfect documents of them. Fabian doesn’t sing, unfortunately, but Annette does and there’s a wide variety of sounds on the album (a fuzz-toned instrumental, a good bit of lounge, Annette pop, even a marching band number!), provided to You Tube by Curb (sorry for the ads you’ll have to sit through). Enjoy….


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