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September 22, 2021

Kasnat & Katz Fighter Squadron, ‘Pickin’ Up Sticks’ (1971 single)

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From 1971, here is another gem from the Jerry Kasenetz/Jeff Katz empire, this time from the mind of Ritchie Cordell. I recently reviewed the massive 6-cd Tommy James and the Shondells box set for Ugly Things magazine, and Mr. Cordell looms large over a number of the Shondells’ best tracks and was involved with hundreds of fine records over a few decades. 1971 is kind of late for the classic bubble-punk era, but the formula was too good to discard, and the aggressively throwaway nursery-rhyme lyrics (Bill Haley was a master at that also) mixed with a killer riff and the interesting sound textures we associate with K&K mix together to create an anthem that would still command a dancefloor full of Le Beat Bespoke fans. Released in the US on Super K, the record also got issued in Germany, France (see sleeve above), and Turkey. There was another single credited to the Squadron too, “When He Comes.”

50 years after it was released, PICKIN’ UP STICKS still puts a smile on my face and gets my foot tapping, so thanks to Mr. Cordell, Mr. Kasenetz, and Mr. Katz. I just listened to an hour-long interview with two members of the Music Explosion, and after hearing them discuss K&K, I thought I’d share another “deep cut” from them. Enjoy….

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