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June 27, 2020

the contemporary BURRITO BROTHERS perform “Gilded Palace of Sin” live in Nashville, 11/9/19

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Since 1968, some combination of musicians has been representing The Flying Burrito Brothers ethos, under one or the other variation on the name, and the talent involved in these diverse bands over the decades is jaw-dropping. The Cosmic Cowboy stance is timeless, and IMHO it’s needed now more than ever (see my piece on Skip Battin, here on the KSE blog within the last week).

The Gram Parsons International organization has been involved with annual celebrations of Parsons’ and the Burritos’ legacies for a number of years, and November 2019 saw a Nashville-based tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the Flying Burrito Brothers’ A&M label album GILDED PALACE OF SIN, an album still winning over new listeners today.

A strong line-up of Cosmic American Music artists, young and not-so-young, was assembled for the event, the cornerstone of which was a performance of the entire GILDED PALACE OF SIN album by the contemporary band THE BURRITO BROTHERS, featuring Chris P. James (brother of the amazing blues guitarist-producer Fred James, who was actually in the Burritos himself in the 2010’s, though not presently). They are a first-rate band who bring, like every different Burritos lineup over the years, a unique mix of elements to the music. I can’t even describe what category to put the present Burritos in (put a gun to my head and force me to choose, and I’d put them in the “Americana” bin at the record store, but that’s not really accurate, and some would argue for “Southern Rock” or “Country Rock” or whatever), but then, wasn’t that always the case with the Burritos of ANY era. Their new album THE NOTORIOUS BURRITO BROTHERS (and isn’t that title going to anger some people without a sense of humor!) is a fine piece of work that would get regular airplay if I had an Americana/Country Rock/Cosmic American Music radio station or podcast.

Of course, performing the songs from a fifty-year-old 1969 album, the Burritos are not going to sound like either their most recent 2020 album or the 1969 Hillman/Parsons band, and that third corner of the triangle turns out to be a quite enjoyable place to be. This would have been a great show to be at live (I’ve been wanting to see Kai Clark for some time, and also Ronnie Guilbeau), but at least you can catch the entire Burrito Brothers set doing the GILDED PALACE OF SIN album in excellent sound.

Might I suggest waiting until after sundown, pouring yourself a microbrew (and having a back-up ready), putting the computer on a nearby table (listening is what’s important), finding a comfortable chair, and gazing out the window….let the Cosmic American Music take you away….

The You Tube link to the Burrito Brothers performance is below, along with a few other related items…..


An easy to follow video history of the Flying Burrito Brothers, from late 1967 (pre-Gram, pre-Chris) through today….


History of Burrito-related bands, 2002-present:


Here’s the GILDED PALACE OF SIN show, running 53 minutes:

and for an encore, here’s the 1976 lineup of the Burritos, with Joel Scott Hill v/guitar, Chris Etheridge bass, Gene Parsons Drums . Gib Guilbeau Fiddle, Sneaky Pete Kleinow Pedal Steel, live in 1976 on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert:

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