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September 11, 2020

TV Commercials featuring BUSTER KEATON

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buster keaton

There’s not much I can say about the great BUSTER KEATON that has not been said before, and in any event, watching his work is more satisfying than reading about him.

Just the other day Mary Anne and I were watching his 1921 two-reeler THE GOAT (made 99 years ago!), and each year it seems there is some new restoration and Blu-Ray release of his silent work.

However, let’s also not forget his 35 years of quality work in sound films and television. Ever the professional, Keaton could adapt himself to any situation….in 1964, he was appearing in both AIP Beach Party films AND a Samuel Beckett art film.

buster keaton 2

I vaguely remember seeing Keaton in TV ads in the early 1960’s, and fortunately, copies of some of those ads are available online. Thanks to the folks at the “Retro Rabbit Ears” You Tube channel for compiling this 15-minute collection of classic Keaton television ads. Buster continued to work until his passing, and it’s nice to know that he continued to be popular and much-loved part of popular culture in his later years…..something that never stopped while he was alive and has grown considerably since his death.

Thank you, Buster Keaton, for making life more enjoyable and helping us forget about our problems….if only for the span of a TV commercial or comedy short.

buster keaton 3

Here it is….enjoy….

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