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July 31, 2020

off to central Louisiana for 10 days of poetry work

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Off soon to a cottage on the Atchafalaya River in South Central Louisiana for ten days of work on my new book-length poetry project, COMPLEMENTARY ANGLES.  I’ll have no internet there, but regular content (already uploaded) will still be appearing here at the KSE blog while I’m gone, so stay tuned. If you need me for anything, text me.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, I’m not making my customary stopover at one of the Louisiana racetracks, Delta Downs or Evangeline Downs, just going straight to my waterfront cottage and working full-time on this new two-section, 40-page open-field poem, inspired by Andy Warhol’s two-panel (diptych) paintings and Gertrude Stein’s spring-loaded incremental repetition.

warhol ileana sonnabend

Since moving back to long-form poems in 2016—-my first two poetry books, TWELVE GATES TO THE CITY (2005) and POINT LOMA PURPLE (2006) were both book-length works)—-I’ve been able to break through on to a new and higher plane and have composed and published a new long-form poetic work each year since. It’s not hard to understand the intoxicating appeal of the room-sized canvas to painters such as Twombly or Hockney or Warhol, or its musical equivalent to composers such as Feldman or LaMonte Young. I remember being in the presence of Warhol’s 25.5 feet wide CAMOUFLAGE LAST SUPPER and feeling that power. Of course, I am a lifelong student of Wordsworth’s THE PRELUDE and THE EXCURSION as well as Melvillle’s CLAREL, to bring our discussion back to poetry, although in the poems from AMONG THE NEWLY FALLEN on, my compositional method and poetic super-structure are more along the lines of a Twombly or a Feldman, which has led to the feeling of self-liberation described above. I’m also playing for much higher stakes….and, to mix metaphors, working without a net at a much higher altitude!

All of these longer poems of mine from 2016 on are still available in attractive perfect-bound paperback editions:







Just click on the link below for direct ordering:

Bill Shute author page at Amazon

tomorrow cover

The new work, COMPLEMENTARY ANGLES, is in some ways a direct extension of the previous book, published a few months ago, TOMORROW WON’T BRING THE RAIN, so you might want to check that out. It was released in May 2020, right at the worst period of the publishing slowdown, when it took 4-6 weeks to get a copy from the publisher….in the periods when they were even accepting orders. That did not help the book’s visibility any in what should have been its ‘launch’. However, if you order it now, you should have it in-hand in 7-10 business days. Click below and it will be winging its way to you soon….

As always, thank you for your support and for your taking the time to read. Some people have been reading my various writings since the early 1980’s. As they say on Southwest Airlines, “we know you have a choice….”

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