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September 25, 2020

Joseph McBride on the new HOPPER/WELLES film

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If you are not a regular reader of the WELLESNET website, the go-to resource for all things Orson Welles, you might not have seen the fascinating write-up on the new HOPPER/WELLES film by longtime Welles authority Joseph McBride (who has a role in Welles’ THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND). It’s well worth your reading time, whether or not you plan to seek out the HOPPER/WELLES film (which, I believe, will be available for streaming-for-a-fee soon, where you need to watch it within 24 hours). Reading McBride-on-Welles has always been a pleasure, even when you may disagree with his assessments (his characterization of Henry Jaglom had me laughing out loud–and clearly, he does not rate Hopper or THE LAST MOVIE as highly as I do). Here is a link to that article–take the time to read it….

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