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May 20, 2015

GIFT FIG: the duo of ALFRED 23 HARTH & CARL STONE, “STELLENBOSCH” (KSE #298), live in South Africa 9/2014

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A23H SA poster


“Stellenbosch” (KSE #298)  CDR album

recorded live in South Africa, September 2014

Alfred 23 Harth: Reeds, Dojirak, Kaoss Pad
Carl Stone: Laptop and Voice

limited edition of 150 copies 

$8  US  postpaid / $11.50 elsewhere postpaid

payment via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please provide a note with your order listing the items you’ve ordered and your mailing address….thanks!


The first GIFT FIG album, released by KSE in January 2012, was one of our most popular and acclaimed releases. The combination of two such pioneering and beyond-category figures as Harth and Stone provided not just telepathic improvisation and spontaneous composition that mixed and merged each other’s contributions until trying to separate out the parts became irrelevant….but also a kind of “third mind” came into being. About the 2012 Gift Fig album, Massimo Ricci wrote, A meeting between two big names whose partnership would have been nearly unthinkable just a few years ago. But there’s something that links Alfred Harth with Carl Stone besides their indubitable artistry: the influence of Asian cultures on their respective lives and crafts (one is based in South Korea, the other in Japan). These six tracks constitute a compendium of two concerts occurred in 2009 and 2010 in Frankfurt and Tokyo, but the extremely high quality of the sound and the lack of audience noise makes the CD comparable to a studio work.

The set is basically built upon Stone’s transformation (via Max/MSP) of Harth’s emissions, with subsequent additions of further pre-existing materials. The palette is obviously homogeneous: Harth also treats his “babies” (which include Eastern wind instruments like taepyeongso and dojirak) with a Kaoss pad, and uses bows on the instrument’s bell and in other parts too. Both employ samples and voice. But the description of the sources doesn’t excessively help clarifying how this uncompromising record sounds. The material, at least from what I gathered by repeated listens, appears mostly improvised. Many different scenes succeed in ever-radical spurts, without concessions to any kind of easiness or relief; a latent tension informs the bulk of the sonic settings, which in some moments approach a near-explosive configuration. Percussive aspects are frequently privileged, the mechanical features of the reeds amplified and expanded to become an out-and-out menace: imagine a giant crab walking towards you with bad intentions (“Adler_Kino 23 Gu II”). Somewhere, Harth’s pulmonary exhalations morph into powerful winds deprived of a chunk of the frequency spectrum. And I could go on.”
However, this new STELLENBOSCH album, recorded live during a tour of South Africa in September 2015, is quite different. It’s an album with more space, an album which incorporates distant shores into its landscape, but even though at its heart is intuitive multi-levelled improvisation, Stone’s background as an electronic composer and Harth’s background as improviser and collagist always inform the paintings in sound. It’s spell-binding, it raises the listener into a higher state of consciousness, it features a good amount of Harth’s virtuoso reed playing, and it takes the concept of “deep listening” one associates with 70’s works such as the duo version of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble and ups the ante to the 23rd power.  The possibilities within improvisation/spontaneous composition have grown exponentially each year since the 1970’s (which had grown incredibly since the jazz-based blowouts of the mid-late 60’s), and while this album would have appeal to someone weaned on, say, the Sam Rivers/Dave Holland duets on Improvising Artists, on another level, it makes that kind of thing, progressive in its day, sound like ragtime.
A beautiful, challenging, deep, and transcendent series of spontaneous sound-collages, recorded live, from two contemporary masters who continue to blazing down the highway toward a horizon of pure possibility.
ALFRED 23 HARTH and CARL STONE……the duo of GIFT FIG.  STELLENBOSCH (KSE #298). Two contemporary explorers in sound and aesthetics. We’re honored to release this new album, but warn you it’s limited to 150 copies. GET YOURS NOW. Ordering information can be found at the top of this release announcement.

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Visit Mr. Harth online at

Visit Mr. Stone online at

Gift Fig 2

watch a live performance of GIFT FIG here:


Whiie ordering this GIFT FIG–STELLENBOSCH album, why not pick up some of KSE’s other CDR albums of contemporary forward-thinking music:


full-sized KSE CDR’s ($8.00 each, ppd. in US—outside US $11.50)

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new releases for 2015:


NEW FOR 2015: KSE #293, MORE EAZE (aka Marcus M. Rubio), “stylistic deautomatization”


NEW FOR 2015: KSE #307, STEVE FLATO, “Exhaust System”

derek 2015

NEW FOR 2015: KSE #292, DEREK ROGERS, “Depth/Detail of Processing”


NEW FOR 2015: KSE #300 (CDR), FOSSILS & BILL SHUTE, “The Florida Nocturne Poems” (poetry and music album), cover art by MP Landis


This is the sixth and final release in KSE’s Spring 2015 group of albums. Thanks for your support of and enthusiasm about these works. When I listen to the recent albums by Derek Rogers and Fossils and Marcus Rubio (More Eaze) and Steve Flato, I’m honored to have played a part in bringing them to you. These would have been my favorite albums of the year no matter who released them, so for KSE to be releasing them is truly a dream come true.

We will be back in mid-to-late June with an amazing new psychedelic creation from Pittsburgh’s THE GARMENT DISTRICT (featuring Jennifer Baron), “LUMINOUS TOXIN” (KSE #296)….and then after that, a stunning new duo album from LISA CAMERON and ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE, “SOL ET TERRE” (KSE #299).

January 20, 2015

late 2014 Bill Shute poetry chapbooks

Welcome to the new year—-Time to watch last year retreat into the rear-view mirror, time to make this year better and more productive and more enjoyable and more kind and tolerant than last year. Time to live on a deeper level in 2015….so we need to move on at KSE. Last year was productive for me, poetry-wise, so we’ve got six different poetry (and poetry-and-photography) chapbooks from the second half of 2014 still available. The lower-numbered ones are down to a handful of copies left, so grab these now if you are so inclined….and if you are not, then please move out of your comfort zone and GET so inclined. Many of these pieces are set in particular locales (Texas, Louisiana, the Gulf Coast, Kansas, etc.) and have a very strong sense of place—-they are funny, they can be tragic, the use of language is fresh, the form/structure is untypical, and they work as barometers for contemporary society and culture. What more could you ask for $6. Also, four of them are poetry-and-photography chapbooks—in those,  my photographs dialogue with the poems on the same page. These cost more to print, but the end result is well worth it. I’m moving away from that in 2015 with the projects I have on the drawing board, so take advantage of these while you can. Because of the nature of printing chapbooks with photographs, I’m fairly sure these will not be reprinted this way in the future. The poetry half may be extracted for republication, but the photos won’t.

I grew up with and learned my craft from study of mentors such as Blackburn, Wieners, Berrigan, Reznikoff, Eigner, and Dorn, and I’d like to think that I took the baton offered by those folks’ work and ran with it in directions different from the way others have….

There are a lot of new poetry events coming your way from KSE….I have a new poetry-and-music album (just finished recordings the vocal tracks yesterday in Austin) with the Hamilton, Ontario-based free-improv sound sculptors FOSSILS coming out in March, THE FLORIDA NOCTURNE POEMS, pictured here:



I completed two new chapbooks during my week in Louisiana (see previous post). A few of KSE’s finest poets will be back for new chapbooks in 2015 (details later), AND we will be compiling an anthology chapbook in late 2015 to celebrate KSE’s TENTH ANNIVERSARY, featuring a number of different poets such as Adrian Manning and Michael Layne Heath.

And there are more poetry-and-music collaborations planned….

UNTIL THEN, please take a minute and score a few of the latest round of Bill Shute poetry chapbooks. Response has been great on these–many e-mails and text messages and notes have been rec’d from readers who enjoyed and appreciated these. All are editions of around 50, home-made, hand-cut…and once they are gone, they are gone. Ordering is easy….HERE THEY ARE:


($6 US ppd/$7 elsewhere ppd)

KSE #295 (poetry-and-photography chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Caged Heat”


KSE #278 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Life Goes To A Party, sound library series, volume 76″



KSE #290 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Jaywalkers: ducal poems, three”


KSE #287 (poetry-and-photography chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “The Fellowship of the Frog”  


KSE #282 (poetry-and-photography chapbook),  BILL SHUTE, “Hot Combination” 

guide dogs_20140608_0001


KSE #280 (poetry and photography chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Guide Dogs and Bartenders on the Gulf Coast”

guide dogs_20140410_0001


payment via paypal to    django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

Please include a note with your paypal order including the items ordered AND your mailing address (which Paypal often fails to provide me)….thanks!

Questions? Write to  django5722 (at) yahoo (dot) com   . Thanks for your support!

We have a lot planned for 2015….a new round of releases will begin in early March with an exciting new album from DEREK ROGERS!

November 28, 2014

CAGED HEAT (KSE #295), new poetry-and-photography chapbook from BILL SHUTE

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KSE #295 (poetry-and-photography chapbook)

$6 US postpaid / $7 elsewhere postpaid


Language, experience, and language-experienced….in the middle of the middle of the Middle West

CAGED HEAT collects an eight-section poem dealing with life in a moderate-sized Midwestern town and ten photographs taken at a county fair in central Kansas in Summer 2014. It’s the last poetry chapbook I’m issuing in 2014, the last of the recent series of poetry-and-photography chaps, and the last-composed of the character-driven pieces in the tradition of the ones collected on the WORRIED MEN AND WOODEN SOLDIERS spoken-word poetry album.

In the middle of the middle of the Middle West, these facts of life might be cold and hard one day, tepid and spongy another day, framed and tinted with a film of orange-yellow, not unlike the dried-on egg residue our  narrative persona scrapes off plates eight hours a day to pay the rent and keep his health insurance. On the way to work, threatened by rednecks; on the way home, harassed by gang members.

He meets Cynthia, a one-time college professor, who was asked to film her lectures (then let go by the State University) and make them “content modules” for a “flipped classroom” to be administered by a no-benefit part-time adjunct faculty member. Cynthia’s now reduced to working as an “independent contractor” representing a line of gourmet raw-dog food products at independent pet stores. Her mother’s praying for a sign.

The river increases its volume the further it flows from its source.

Those with lofts above the clouds instruct me to bring my own weather.

And we work with what we’ve got left.


paypal funds to DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot) COM

and include note w/order listing what you are ordering and also your mailing address….thanks!


other recent chapbooks available$6 US postpaid / $7 elsewhere postpaid

KSE #278 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Life Goes to a Party” (sound library series, volume 76)

KSE #290 (poetry chapbook), BILL  SHUTE, “Jaywalkers: Ducal Poems, Three”

KSE #287 (poetry and photography chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “The Fellowship of the Frog”

KSE #282 (poetry and photography chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Hot Combination”

We also have an excellent catalog of NEW experimental music from cutting-edge artists from four continents (look for the “Available KSE music and poetry” page at the upper right-hand corner of the screen), but KSE began as a poetry press, so I’ll stick to promoting poetry in this post.

As always, thank you for supporting independent, non-aligned arts collectives such as Kendra Steiner Editions….REAL AND CONCRETE three-dimensional artifacts from the hand of the artist him/herself—-nothing “virtual” about them.

Language, experience, and language-experienced….distilled to their essence, then molded into energized clusters, placed in suspension into the poetic construct. In this case, CAGED HEAT

August 30, 2014

JAYWALKERS: ducal poems, three (KSE #290), new poetry chapbook from BILL SHUTE


JAYWALKERS: Ducal Poems, Three

KSE #290 (poetry chapbook)

$6 ppd. in USA / $7 ppd. elsewhere

payment via paypal to   DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot)COM

please include a note with your order telling us what are ordering and providing mailing address…thanks!


The “Ducal Poems” series is an open-ended poetry chapbook series of works inspired by the compositions of Duke Ellington. JAYWALKERS  is my third chapbook in the DUCAL POEMS series, although I have not chosen to publish the first two yet (however, CIRCLE OF FOURTHS, the first of the Ducal volumes, appears on the soon-to-be-released spoken-word poetry album WORRIED MEN AND WOODEN SOLDIERS). They should come out within the next year.

One of the dirty little secrets of the adult world, one that most of us have to learn by experience since we tend to be a bit naive as we are developing, is that those who proclaim themselves to be an “alternative” to the mainstream or the status quo are just as flawed, just as corrupt, just as dishonest, just as vain, and just as power-hungry as those on the “inside.” They set up just as many hierarchies, they play just as many (if not more) games, and they are just as elitist, although in a different way. The irony is that they view themselves as “progressive” or “radical” and superior to the mainstream, which makes them often EVEN MORE pretentious and insufferable than their mainstream counterparts. They don’t realize (or maybe they do and hate themselves because of it) that they are in the same game, played on the same gameboard, as those in the mainstream whom they feel superior to. If you refuse to validate their game or if you refuse to fall into their hierarchy in the place they have assigned to you, they will crush you and your work as fast as they’d step on a roach. One sees this in politics, in the arts (the poetry “alternative” establishment is a perfect example), in many other areas of society. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, etc. Those who want to be in power are a mirror image of those who ARE in power. How can someone be a “kingmaker” of the underground when the underground is supposed to be opposed to the concept of kings and hierarchies….

Those who seek a “third way” are forever marginalized as JAYWALKERS.

That’s what this new six-part poem is about….and also what it embodies.

This is a poetry chapbook that walks down the street looking into the windows of cafes and bistros that it can’t afford to enter…or that it is not well-enough dressed to enter.

I began this in July but wrote most of it while on the road in Kansas, western Missouri, and Oklahoma in early August. I remember standing with Mary Anne on the sidewalk of the main drag in Lawrence, Kansas,  and looking across Massachusetts St., from one side to the other, as Saturday night cruising-traffic drove by—suddenly, the image patterns for this chapbook crystallized in my brain, and finishing the work was just a matter of connecting the dots. Lawrence is a great town, by the way…..we also found William Burroughs’ old house while there, it’s a beautiful area with an interesting history (Langston Hughes lived there), and there’s a great used bookstore (The Dusty Bookshelf)…among many other things. However, this piece is NOT set in Kansas the way some of my recent pieces have been set in specific geographical areas. As in a Harold Pinter play, it’s immediate and full of real-world specifics, but given a surface universality.

It’s the same post-Blackburn, post-Berrigan open-field poetry, full of particulars to chew on like VERY chunky peanut butter, you’ve come to expect, but each piece chooses its own form, its own voice, its own speaker/persona, its own tone. It’s a piece that cries the same primal howl that the Jandeks or the Harry Partches or the Andy Milligans or the DA Levy’s of the world have cried through both their works and their example. If you are out there  masked and anonymous but feeling the same thing, it’s for you.

Hand-assembled, hand-numbered, imprecisely-cut DIY edition of 39 copies. Get yours now.

$6 US / $7 elsewhere

OTHER  available poetry chapbooks ($6 each, ppd. in the US, $7 elsewhere…):

KSE #287 (poetry and photography chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “The Fellowship of the Frog”

KSE #282 (poetry and photography chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Hot Combination”

KSE #276 (art-and-poetry chapbook), DAVID PAYNE & BILL SHUTE, “Blues With A Bridge”

KSE #280 (poetry and photography chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Guide Dogs and Bartenders on the Gulf Coast”

KSE #273  (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Someplace on Anywhere Road” (Sound Library Series, Volume 75)

We also have an excellent catalog of NEW experimental music from cutting-edge artists from four continents, but KSE began as a poetry press, so I’ll stick to promoting poetry in this post.

As always, thank you for supporting independent, non-aligned arts collectives such as Kendra Steiner Editions…..such organizations are the tortoises that will eventually win the race.

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