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July 21, 2020

The Complete Hal Roach Streamliners, Volume 2: The Westerns (Classic Flix DVD)

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The Complete Hal Roach Streamliners, Volume 2: The Westerns (Classic Flix DVD)

contains the following  three  5-reel feature films




starring JIMMY ROGERS (son of Will Rogers) and NOAH BEERY, JR.

supporting players in the films include Joe Sawyer, Marc Lawrence, Iris Adrian, and many other greats


I loved the first collection of Hal Roach Streamliners, the Joe Sawyer/William Tracy military comedies (just do a search for “Streamliners” here at the KSE blog to read that write-up), and this second set follows up in fine form! Here is a recent online review I did of the set elsewhere….may as well get some more mileage out of it here!


wonderful 45-minute western comedies with the team of Rogers and Beery
This second volume of Hal Roach Streamliners, 40-45 minute mini-features made in the early 1940’s for double-bills, collects three entertaining and funny western comedies featuring Jimmy Rogers (son of Will Rogers) and Noah Beery Jr. (known and loved by millions from playing James Garner’s father in The Rockford Files, a man whose career went back to the early days of the sound era). Rogers is a wonderful presence….lanky and with great slow-reaction comic timing. I could see Jim Varney at his most laid-back in this role. He’s essentially the straight man of the duo. Noah Beery Jr. is “Pidge” (Beery’s real-life nickname), and he has a weakness for “dude ladies,” and each film’s plot begins as the pair of cowpokes ride into a new situation and Beery gets smitten with some lady and tries to attract her, which sets the comic events into motion. I could watch Beery all day. His mugging and physical comedy is first-rate (he could have had his own series of silent-era comedy shorts, if he had been 10-15 years older), and his delivery of the lines is pitch-perfect. He had a great comic persona in films and he steals any scene he is in. Rogers and Beery are a great team, and I’m sorry they only made the three short features together, but each one is a gem….if you like western comedies, that is. Thanks to Classic Flix for releasing these Hal Roach Streamliners in excellent-quality transfers. Rogers and Beery are still able to work their magic on us today. Clearly, the Roach lot was still firing on all cylinders in the early 40’s, after Laurel and Hardy had moved on. “Streamliners” are the perfect length for viewing after a long day’s work. A highly recommended set!



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Here’s the trailer from Classic Flix:

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