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Virtual Thrift Store CDR’s

thrift store

Virtual Thrift Store CDR’s are available to friends and/or past KSE customers FOR TRADE ONLY (for unreissued music on CDR or obscure B-movies/genre-films etc. on DVD-R–send an e-mail to let me know what you have). We cannot do track listings, sorry.  Each CDR comes with a cover that lists the tracks  and usually also has label shots or original artwork of some kind, and each runs between 35-70 minutes. The material is sourced from internet MP3 blogs and is assembled to resemble “finds” from a day of junk-store record shopping. I will pick them randomly for you–just tell me how many you want (thrift store shopping is all about surprises, isn’t it), but I’ll keep a record of what I send you, so you’ll never get the same compilation twice. All I can say is that the friends who get these from time to time are ALWAYS very happy with them and talk about how fresh they sound and ask when they can get more. I do take care in programming these for maximum effect. Who knows what you may get: a particular comp may have vanity lounge LP cuts mixed with raw 1940s country acetates mixed with Spanish 60s ye-ye rocknroll mixed with radio commercials mixed with Bollywood soundtrack cuts mixed with 1920’s spoken word mixed with 60s soundalike budget cover versions mixed with song-poems etc etc etc.

Some of these have been reviewed at BLOG TO COMM…presently, there are over 100 volumes available in this series.

Let me know if you are interested. This offer may be withdrawn at any time, so act now….



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