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January 3, 2021

new year, new BILL SHUTE poetry book, ‘COMPLEMENTARY ANGLES’ (KSE #417), now available for order!

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KSE # 417


NOW AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON.COM and many international Amazon platforms in the UK, Spain, Germany, Japan, Canada, Italy, and France.


46-page poetic diptych, perfect-bound paperback


Composed 5/2020 through 9/2020

in Bexar County, Texas,

and St. Martin Parish, Louisiana

“What we love we are”–Robert Lowell, 1973 version of The Dolphin

“As we love we are” — Robert Lowell, 1972 version of The Dolphin

COMPLEMENTARY ANGLES is a forty-page open-field poem in two twenty-page halves, a diptych inspired by the two-panel works of Warhol and Bacon, by San Antonio poet BILL SHUTE, composed in Texas and Louisiana in May through September 2020 under lockdown from COVID-19.

It grows out of the work I’ve been doing since the 2018 RIVERSIDE FUGUE (published in 2019), where I (under the influence of Texas composer Mari Rubio’s KSE album ‘Staring At A Statue of Paint’) brought a variation of the musical fugue structure to the long-form open-field poem. That concept was extended in 2019-2020’s TOMORROW WON’T BRING THE RAIN (published in May 2020), finished during the early days of the Covid lockdown.

Simultaneously, I was studying the parallel texts of Robert Lowell’s THE DOLPHIN (1972 manuscript version and 1973 publication edition), as well as the multiple versions of Wordsworth’s THE PRELUDE, where for the last 75 years, the 1805 and 1850 editions have been published in a side-by-side format, allowing the reader to directly compare line-by-line, stanza-by-stanza, the two distinct works. Also, William Wordsworth was a habitual re-writer, a man who created multiple versions of the same works, and one can study this technique at length in the dozen-plus variorum editions of WW’s revisions in the Cornell Wordsworth series, as I’ve been doing for the last year or two). With those influences mixed into my lifelong fascination with the incremental repetition of Gertrude Stein, and with my contemplation of the Warhol and Bacon diptych paintings mentioned above (and of European altarpieces from the medieval and renaissance eras), COMPLEMENTARY ANGLES was born.

COMPLEMENTARY ANGLES presents a poetic diptych, two halves which mirror each other, two separate angles of vision focused on the same target, the two end panels on an altarpiece.

The shards assembled for the mosaic come from the physical artifacts, the habits/tendencies, the behavior, the flotsam and jetsam, and the throwaway sayings of 2020 pandemic-era Texas and Louisiana. COMPLEMENTARY ANGLES was composed both here in San Antonio and on the banks of the Atchafalaya River in South Central Louisiana.

As always, I hope you find it interesting and worthwhile.

Since 2016 I have been working exclusively with the long-form poem, in the 30-60 page range. My friends who are composers and visual artists have been a great influence on this work. Thank you to those who have been reading my various writings since the 1980’s….and especially those who have been reading (and purchasing) my poetry books since TWELVE GATES TO THE CITY in 2005. Working on a 40-page poem for a significant chunk of a year is the poet’s version of making a feature film or composing and then conducting a symphony. At my age, you don’t have time to waste….work needs to be done….

Many thanks for hanging in there with me, as we’ve taken this long strange trip together, apart.


sifting the campfire ashes from the cosmic cowboys in search of clues

so wide, so shallow

so early, so late


Remember, you can score a copy of COMPLEMENTARY ANGLES for only $8.95….here:



**later in 2021, the book of non-fiction magazine pieces from Edward D. Wood, Jr., AND THE TOPIC IS SEX, featuring my introductory essay, will be published by Bear Manor Media

**and I hope that by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022, my long-delays selected poems volume JUNK SCULPTURE FROM THE NEW GILDED AGE will be appearing from Moloko Print in Germany.

**I’m presently at work on another book-length poetic diptych, tentatively titled TWO SELF-PORTRAITS (AFTER MURILLO), which I hope to complete in the Summer of 2021.

Stay tuned….

BILL SHUTE, San Antonio, Texas

January 20, 2021

excerpts from Jim Armstrong’s 1976 LP “Feels Like Spiders” (Tiger Lily Records)

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Only 2 copies of Jim Armstrong’s 1976 LP “Feels Like Spiders” on the tax scam label TIGER LILY are known to be in circulation, and 8 minutes of excerpts from the album are on YOU TUBE, the only available material (presently—-I hope that those reading this in the future will be able to buy an authorized reissue on some boutique label) from this interesting work. Enjoy.


January 19, 2021

Revolution #9 reversed

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Revolution #9 played backwards

January 18, 2021

Johnny Burnette, “Rock’n Roll” (Skyline LP, Sweden)

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A1 Oh Baby Babe
A2 Tear It Up
A3 Believe What You Say
A4 You’re Sixteen
A5 One-Sided Love Affair
A6 Touch Me
A7 Gumbo
B1 Rockin’ Johnny Home
B2 Kiss Me
B3 Me And The Bear
B4 Boppin’ Rosalie
B5 Do Baby Do
B6 Sweet Baby Doll
B7 Love Kept A-Rollin’


One of my most-played LP’s of the mid-80’s, this Swedish LP (issued in 1983 on Skyline Records, a label that also had superb Johnny Carroll and Narvel Felts albums) compiled a number of rare Johnny Burnette sides (including songwriting demos) into one all-killer, no-filler collection, spanning 1956-60 (Johnny passed away in a boating accident in 1964) and showing Burnette’s unique talent as a songwriter and singer as well as the various eclectic styles in which he could work. I’d assume all or most of this eventually came out on the Bear Family box (which I’ve never been able to afford), but for now, settle back and enjoy a well-programmed selection of rarities from the master, JOHNNY BURNETTE.


January 17, 2021

The Soul Finders, ‘Sweet Soul Music’ (1967 LP, RCA-Camden Records)

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Sweet Soul Music 2:23
Respect 2:33
Dead End Street 2:38
Tomorrow Night 3:08
Passion Flower 3:00
The Happening 2:55
Why Don’t You Do Right 2:08
Soul American 2:30
Raindrops 2:43
Oh How I Need You Joe 2:58


January 16, 2021

promotional film for the 1958 Edsel

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January 15, 2021

George Harrison Bombay recording / 11th January 1968 (British Pathe newsreel footage)

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January 14, 2021

The Five Americans, ‘Progressions’ LP (Texas, 1967)

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A1 Stop-Light 2:15
A2 Con Man 2:46
A3 Black Is White-Day Is Night 3:15
A4 (But Not) Today 2:38
A5 Come On Up 2:37
B1 Zip Code 2:26
B2 Rain Maker 2:17
B3 Sweet Bird Of Youth 1:51
B4 Evol-Not Love 2:19
B5 Somebody Help Me 2:00



January 13, 2021

Jurg Frey, “pianist, alone,” performed by R. Andrew Lee

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“The pianist is not only alone in the concert hall or recording studio; he is also alone in a grander sense.”


composed by Jurg Frey

performed by R. Andrew Lee

2 cd set available from

January 12, 2021

original soundtrack LP from Larry Buchanan’s A BULLET FOR PRETTY BOY (1970), starring Fabian Forte

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HARLEY HATCHER, original soundtrack from the 1970 Larry Buchanan classic A BULLET FOR PRETTY BOY, starring Fabian Forte, Jocelyn Lane, and Adam Roarke….side A is songs composed by Hatcher and sung by The Source, side B is instrumentals by Hatcher. On AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL RECORDS.


January 11, 2021

Don Preston, ‘Bluse’ (1968 LP)

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DON PRESTON , ‘BLUSE’ (A&M Records 4155, released 1968)

Baby It’s You 2:00
Standing In My Tears 3:22
You Don’t Know What You Got 2:05
Ninety-Nine & A Half 3:18
Morning Rain 2:55
Lookin’ For My Baby 2:46
Something You’ve Got 4:07
Further Up The Road 2:41
It’s Only A Tear 3:57

Where has this fine late 60’s blues album been all my life? I know Mr. Preston (no relation to the Don Preston who worked with Frank Zappa) from his work with Leon Russell and Joe Cocker, and I’ve owned his superb STILLROCK album on Enterprise since the mid-70’s. Also, I remember his 1974 LP for Shelter getting FM airplay in Denver and Boulder back in the day (Preston is originally a fellow Colorado boy!), but I don’t remember seeing this in my decades of used-record hunting (or maybe I’d spent my day’s money before coming across this in the stacks?). I just stumbled across it on You Tube today. However, the blues is timeless, and so many great blues albums were made in the 1960’s that it’s inevitable some would not get the attention they deserved.

Preston is a soulful vocalist and a powerful guitarist (just look at the quality of the people he’s played with over the decades….Google his name), and this album—-one of two he recorded for A&M—-is sure to please anyone who enjoys second-generation late 60’s blues. I’m listening to it a third time this afternoon!

This would be the perfect album to pair with, say, the PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC album on Kent, though it’s rootsier and more satisfying, IMHO.

Thanks to Don Preston for such a fine and satisfying album—-I hope a lot of people have been enjoying it for the last 52 years, even though I’m a bit late in discovering it.

Settle back, pour a quality micro-brew, and pretend you’re in a small club—-this album sounds like the kind of live blues concert that leaves you feeling satisfied.


January 10, 2021

H.G. Lewis’ HOW TO MAKE A DOLL (1968)

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HOW TO MAKE A DOLL is perhaps the most-reviled of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ original 60’s and early 70’s feature films, and those who have commented on it tend display an anger that I don’t see with the commentary on other off-the-wall second-tier Lewis films such as, say, THE MAGIC WORLD OF MOTHER GOOSE or MISS NYMPHET’S ZAP-IN (both of which I found very entertaining, by the way). A typical comment states that the film is “a nudie comedy with no nudity or comedy,” and on some level, that’s an accurate assessment. Those wanting nudity should look elsewhere as the ladies on parade here are bikini-clad. As for humor, those wanting what would be considered quality jokes or first-rate slapstick comedy should look elsewhere. However, what you DO get here is so bizarre, so existing in its own curious universe, one that resembles no other known universe, that it’s fascinating as an outsider artifact…but it’s NOT an outsider artifact because it played low-grade bills across the nation and people paid to see this at a theater or drive-in. And that is part of its appeal.

As someone who has watched many early-sound comedy shorts that are not at all funny in the traditional sense but where the players act as if they are being funny, I can appreciate how people who are not great comic talents delivering

January 9, 2021

VERA VAGUE in ‘Hiss and Yell’ (1946, dir. Jules White)

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January 8, 2021

Dirty Gertie From Harlem USA (1946, directed by Spencer Williams, Jr.)

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January 7, 2021

95 productions from Fort Worth’s MAJOR BILL SMITH

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January 6, 2021

THE TRICYCLE, “Tricycle” (ABC Records LP, 1969), Kasenetz-Katz

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The gems from the production team of Kasenetz/Katz just keep on surfacing….

A1 Mr. Henry’s Lollipop Shop 2:06
A2 Lemonade Parade 2:51
A3 54321 Here I Come 2:25
A4 Mary Had A Little Man 2:31
A5 Simon Says 5:10
B1 Yumberry Park 2:23
B2 Good Time Music 2:52
B3 It’s A Game 4:26
B4 Yellow Brick Rainbow 1:56
B5 Poor Old Mr. Jensen 5:50


Bass, Organ, Vocals – John Tricozzi
Drums, Vocals – Bob Cirilli
Lead Guitar, Vocals – Frank White
Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Vocals – Art Brooks


January 1, 2021

The Big Sound of BILLY STRANGE and His Guitar, ‘Folk Rock Hits’ (1965)

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“FOLK ROCK HITS” (GNP Crescendo Records, 1965)

A1 Eve Of Destruction 2:33
A2 You’ve Got Your Troubles 3:10
A3 Summer Nights 2:00
A4 It Ain’t Me Babe 2:00
A5 Do You Believe In Magic 1:58
A6 Later On 2:35
B1 Like A Rolling Stone 3:30
B2 You Were On My Mind 2:20
B3 Colours 2:20
B4 All I Really Want To Do 2:10
B5 The Bells Of Rhymney 2:30
B6 Let Your Love Hang Down 2:05


December 31, 2020

Brother Jack McDuff with Gene Ammons, ‘Mellow Gravy’ (1963, Prestige Records)

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A1Watch Out
A3Mellow Gravy
B1Christopher Columbus
B2Buzzin’ Round
B3Mr. Clean

Drums – Joe Dukes
Guitar – Eddie Diehl
Organ – Jack McDuff
Tenor Saxophone – Gene Ammons (tracks: A1, A3 to B3), Harold Vick

December 30, 2020

133 productions from Huey P. Meaux

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note: there are 171 entries in the playlist, but 38 of them are either deleted or set as “private,” so that adds up to 133 active tracks of classic Huey P. Meaux productions….enjoy.

I once chatted with a lady at the Continental Club in Austin back in perhaps the mid-to-late 90’s (as we were waiting for one of Toni Price’s Happy Hour sets) who’d worked at one time or another for both Huey P. Meaux AND Roy C. Ames….we had to stop when the music started (after maybe 15 minutes), but I wish I could have kept her spinning the anecdotes for hours!


December 29, 2020

newsreel footage from Eddie Condon’s NYC nightclub, 1946

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Eddie Condon – plectrum guitar
Gene Schroeder – piano
Dave Tough – drums
Wild Bill Davison – cornet
Tony Parenti – clarinet
Brad Gowans – valide trombone (combination of valve and slide, hence “valide,” a hybrid trombone of his own invention)
Jack Lesberg – bass

note: sound starts at 1:46, prior to that is “establishing” footage capturing the atmosphere of the club…some exciting music here, allowing those of us who were born too late to experience a taste of what it must have been like at Condon’s during the club’s (and Condon’s) heyday…and Eddie ALWAYS had a great band….

December 28, 2020

Bob Crosby, ‘Bobcats Blues’ (Coral Records LP, 1956)

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A1 St. Louis Blues
A2 Blues For You
A3 Loveless Love
A4 The Memphis Blues
A5 Yellow Dog Blues
A6 Lose All My Blues (For You)
B1 Exodus Blues
B2 Beale Street Blues
B3 Joe Turner’s Blues
B4 Aunt Hagar’s Blues
B5 Way Down South Where The Blues Began
B6 Ash Trays For Two

Beginning in 1935, bands fronted by vocalist Bob Crosby made fine music, continuing on until long after the big-band era was over. Though not a musician himself, Bob Crosby’s “brand” eventually became identified with first-rate big-band adaptations of Dixieland jazz. Crosby’s 30’s and 40’s bands still played a wide variety of then-popular swing music, but the core of the band was always based in New Orleans/Chicago jazz. As esteemed an authority as the late George Buck has stated that the Crosby band was his favorite of the big-band era, and the small group-within-a-group, BOB CROSBY’S BOBCATS, could always hold their own with whatever masters like Eddie Condon had on offer in the small-group traditional jazz vein.

In the 1950’s, Crosby had moved on to both radio and TV success, both on the Jack Benny Program (where he replaced Phil Harris as the bandleader) and on his own shows. However, he still assembled bands for his recording contract with Decca’s CORAL subsidiary (there were a number of fine jazz albums on Coral), and he often used former Bobcats from the golden days, as well as other greats of traditional jazz.

This album was new to me, when I encountered it online recently, but any fan of the patented Crosby big-band-dixie sound should find it a brisk and stimulating listen. I recognized the inimitable saxophone of Eddie Miller, and an online search gave up some of the other names on the album, including such greats as Charlie Teagarden, Nappy LaMere, Ray Bauduc, Matty Matlock, Dick Cathcart, Nick Fatool, and Abe Lincoln.

Also, 8 of the 12 songs on the album are from the pen of W.C. Handy! That should give you an idea of what’s in store within the punchy MONO grooves of this Coral album.

Now, I’ve got to hear the other mid-50’s albums Crosby’s crews recorded for Coral–I’d gamble they are in a similar vein, since there was still something of a traditional jazz revival going on in the mid-50’s….and there were a lot of big-band fans who were now middle-aged and wanted LP’s of their favorite bands to play on their hi-fi systems.

Put this album on while reading or doing something around the house and you’ll feel like you are on the set of the Jack Webb film PETE KELLY’S BLUES….or seeing the prime Crosby band of 1942, with all the jazz and none of the pop vocals. And you can get a copy on Discogs for under two dollars!

December 27, 2020

Art Pepper Quartet, “Jazz Casual” TV show (1964)

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Art Pepper – Alto Saxophone….
Frank Strazzeri – Piano….
Hersh Hamel – Bass….
Bill Goodwin – Drums….
1 – “The Trip “
2 – “D Section”
2 – (Untitled)
Recorded – May 9, 1964

Jazz Casual TV show, hosted by Ralph J. Gleason

December 26, 2020

John Fred & His Playboy Band, ‘Permanently Stated’ (1968 LP, Paula Records)

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  1. 01 – We played Games (03:02)
  2. 02 – Surprise, surprise (02:43)
  3. 03 – What is Happiness (03:16)
  4. 04 – Lonely are the Lonely (02:38)
  5. 05 – Mary Jane (02:56)
  6. 06 – Tissue Paper (03:57)
  7. 07 – Hey, hey Bunny (02:33)
  8. 08 – Who could Love you (more than I) (02:37)
  9. 09 – Little dum dum (02:46)
  10. 10 – Before the Change (04:25)
  11. 11 – Permanently Stated (02:33)


December 25, 2020

CHET BAKER & Christopher Mason, “Silent Nights–A Christmas Jazz Album” (1986)

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Trumpet – Chet Baker….
Alto Saxophone – Christopher Mason….
Bass – Jim Singleton….
Drums – Johnny Vidacovitch….
Piano – Mike Pellera….
A1 Silent Night 2:50
A2 The First Noel 2:06
A3 We Three Kings 2:27
A4 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 2:01
A5 Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen 3:57
A6 Amazing Grace 3:36
B1 Come All Ye Faithful 4:28
B2 Joy To The World 2:40
B3 Amen 1:41
B4 It Came Upon A Midnight Clear 1:57
B5 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 3:24
B6 Silent Night 4:03
Recorded – Jan 7, 1986 at Ultrasound Studios, New Orleans, LA

December 24, 2020

Jim Reeves Christmas Radio Show, 12-25-1957

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