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April 14, 2021

JERRY & JEFF – ‘Voodoo Medicine Man’ (Super K SK-7) 1969

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JERRY & JEFF – ‘Voodoo Medicine Man’ (Super K SK-7) 1969….JERRY being Jerry Kasenetz and JEFF being Jeffrey Katz….yes, it’s KASENETZ-KATZ with another bubble-punk stunner, VOODOO MEDICINE MAN…. SUPER K FOREVER!


April 12, 2021

Count Basie, “Straight Ahead” (Dot Records LP, 1968)

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Basie’s albums from the mid-sixties through the early seventies are not much heard or discussed nowadays outside the core of Basie specialists and people who bought the LP when it originally came out. Basie’s album with vocalist Kay Starr from the same period was shared here recently, and was well-received, so how about another gem, with all tracks composed and arranged by Sammy Nestico, who would become an important part of Basie’s organization. Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis is featured on tenor sax. At least this album, unlike many other Basie albums from this era, has been reissued on CD (by GRP in 1998….23 years ago!).

The album must have been somewhat popular as there is a second pressing a few years later on the ABC-Dot label, which seems to be the most inexpensive way to score an original vinyl copy nowadays.

A1 Basie – Straight Ahead 3:53
A2 It’s Oh, So Nice 4:09
A3 Lonely Street 2:50
A4 Fun Time 3:52
A5 Magic Flea 3:08
B1 Switch In Time 3:57
B2 Hay Burner 4:13
B3 That Warm Feeling 3:30
B4 The Queen Bee 4:10


April 10, 2021

Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra in THE YACHT PARTY (1932 Vitaphone short)

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Roger Wolfe Kahn has always been something of an anomaly in the 20’s/30’s dance band world. From a wealthy family, he had the funds to employ the finest jazz players and he had excellent taste in repertoire, though his other passion, aviation, eventually won out—-indeed, you can see his stunt flying at the end of this short!

Jazz Oracle Records did a wonderful CD collection ten or fifteen years ago of his best and jazziest sides, which is highly recommended. Until then, enjoy this wild Vitaphone short with Kahn and crew, including the amazing dancing of Melissa Mason and the clarinet work of the young Artie Shaw.

April 8, 2021

Dave O’Brien in THE PHANTOM OF 42nd STREET (PRC Pictures, 1945)

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April 6, 2021

Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus, “Rumble ’69” (UK B-side)

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The KASENETZ-KATZ organization was responsible for a number of odd, throwaway non-LP B-sides during their heyday, and this one is a gem. Never wanting to waste a potential hit on a flipside, they created a number of uncommercial filler sides (“Sticky Sticky,” anyone?) that in hindsight are often more interesting than the A-sides they backed. So it is with this distorto-guitar workout, with a series of free-associated phrases, including sections from nursery rhymes, which seems largely off-the-cuff. This of course has NOTHING to do with Link Wray’s own RUMBLE 69 (the one with the added harmonica). Enjoy!


April 4, 2021

Bill Plummer & The Cosmic Brotherhood, “Journey To The East” (45 rpm single version, 1968)

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April 2, 2021

Richard Dix in ‘Death Flies Blind’ (1943 radio drama)

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March 31, 2021

Six 1934 Western Shorts starring WALLY WALES

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wally 1



wally 2



Wally Wales)


(picture jumps a bit)


wally 3






wally 4

ARIZONA CYCLONE (1934, not 1937 as the You Tube post reads)

March 29, 2021

Chaplin’s soundtrack to his 1923 film ‘A WOMAN OF PARIS’

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March 27, 2021

John Carradine and J. Carrol Naish in WATERFRONT (PRC Pictures, 1944)

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March 25, 2021

Nat Adderley Septet, ‘Don’t Look Back’ (Steeplechase Records LP, 1976)

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“Funny Funny” (Nat Adderley) – 6:10
“K. High” (Ira Buddy Williams) – 9:31
“Just a Quickie” (Fernando Gumbs) – 4:50
“I Think I Got It” (Onaje Allan Gumbs) – 6:58
“Home” (Ken McIntyre) – 6:30
“Don’t Look Back” (Harold Vick) – 7:30
“Home” take 1 – 6:54 Bonus track on CD release

Nat Adderley – cornet

John Stubblefield – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone

Ken McIntyre – alto saxophone, bass clarinet, flute, oboe

Onaje Allan Gumbs – piano, electric piano, clavinet

Fernando Gumbs – bass

Ira Buddy Williams – drums

Victor See Yuen – congas, percussion

Recorded August 9, 1976


March 23, 2021

Bill Haley y sus Cometas, 51 tracks recorded in Mexico, 1961-66

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March 21, 2021

Bill Camplin, ‘January’ (1973 LP, Tool Room Records, Wisconsin)

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A1 Rock / Friend
A2 January Guitar
A3 Rover
A4 Ain’t It Somthin’
B1 Long One, The
B2 If It’s In Your Mind
B3 Seems I’ve Seen This Night Before


March 19, 2021

Stovepipe No. 4, 1965 Hungarian EP (UK band in Hungary)

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B1 Pretty Thing
B2 My Babe

A The House Of The Rising Sun


March 17, 2021

Phil Harris in HARRIS IN THE SPRING (1938)

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March 16, 2021

Liberace & Little Richard on The Mike Douglas Show (1970)

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March 15, 2021

Sonny Thompson, “Hangout” Parts 1 & 2 (1961, Kite/Knight Records)

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March 13, 2021

Ravi Shankar’s Chants of India – ‘Prabhujee’ (Lyric Video)

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March 11, 2021

original motion picture soundtrack by Ennio Morricone, TWO MULES FOR SISTER SARA (Kapp Records, 1970)

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March 9, 2021

Paris Pilot (Hip Records LP, 1969)

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PARIS PILOT, on Stax’s HIP Records subsidiary (home of The Knowbody Else and Southwest F.O.B.), was an album I picked up for $2 or $3 back in the 70’s or perhaps the early 80’s. As a Memphis album on a Memphis label produced by Memphis-based Don Nix (and recorded at Ardent Studios by John Fry), it would certainly be worth a listen. I would dig it out once or twice a year for a few decades. Starting out with an overwrought five-minute version of Sonny Bono’s “The Beat Goes On” doesn’t help the album, but once you get past that, it’s a solid piece of work, with that combination of trippy and soulful that Southern bands are able to pull off so well, and with the Gospel-ly feel Memphis artists have as a second nature. Nix’s name is all over the album (three times on the label!), though the band members are not listed. Later reading during the internet era showed that two members had been in various line-ups of The Gentrys and that the band had been known previously as Load of Mischief. Interesting to note are some comments found on “Psych-rock combo Paris Pilot formed in Memphis under the name Load of Mischief, bringing together vocalist David Mayo, guitarist Jimmy Tarbutton, bassist Ray Sanders, keyboardist Ken Woodley and drummer Larry Wall. Signing to the Stax label’s HIP subsidiary, the group began work on its debut LP when ex-Mar-Kay Don Nix commandeered the project, signing on as songwriter, producer and engineer and insisting Load of Mischief change its name to Paris Pilot; somewhat amazingly, Nix is the only musician even credited on the resulting album, an eponymously-titled effort issued in 1969. The members of Paris Pilot disassociated themselves from the finished product, sales were dismal, and the group dissolved soon after.” Hmmmm. One wonders if any of the band members have tapes from the pre-Nix era of the band….the comparison would be interesting, as Nix had a hand in writing most of the tracks here. Hearing what the band sounded like when they were signed by Stax/Hip and what qualities appealed to the label might provide a window into what the band were capable of. Still, PARIS PILOT, if you start with the second track on side one and skip The Beat Goes On (which you can do with the You Tube link below by starting at 5:55), is enjoyable 1969 Memphis rock and roll that holds up quite well. See what you think. Imagine that you picked it up for a few dollars in the early 80’s.

A1 The Beat Goes On
A2 Winters Child
A3 Shades Of Doubt
A4 Temptations ‘Bout To Get Me
A5 Long Way To Go
B1 Overton Park Flip
B2 Miss Rita Famous
B3 Roses And Rainbows
B4 Don’t Let It

Remember, start the album at 5:55 to avoid the first track….

March 8, 2021

finishing draft of new poetry book TWO SELF-PORTRAITS (After Murillo)

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from Murillo’s Prodigal Son sequence

Thankfully, I have a few days this coming week off-work where I can spend full-time finishing the draft of my newest long-form poem TWO SELF-PORTRAITS (AFTER MURILLO), which is in a similar diptych format to my previous book COMPLEMENTARY ANGLES…this time a 42-page work, in two 21-page sections.

Only two self-portraits survive (see pic below) from the great Spanish Baroque painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1617-1682), although he may well have painted others that do not survive. One of these dates from his 30s, the other from his 50s. I have used these two self-portraits, done in those two distinct periods in his life, as the inspiration for two fictionalized “self-portraits” set in the life of my present-day viewpoint character, in his 30s and then in his 50s, in the two halves of the diptych. As a teenager back in the 1970s, I read many times John Ashbery’s long poem SELF-PORTRAIT IN A CONVEX MIRROR, inspired by the painting of the same name from the Italian painter Parmigianino (1503-1540), and in a way I feel that I’m using the Murillo works as a prompt/catalyst for poetic creation in a manner similar to what Ashbery did, though of course completely different in result with mine being in the idiosyncratic Bill Shute style, and Ashbery being both a genius and a poet with a very different idiosyncratic style. Why not aim high!

I am hoping to have this new work finished and then edited by the end of May. Then I will move on to a very different kind of poetic form for my next project, which I will work on during my Summer 2021 writing vacation in Mississippi and Louisiana.

My German selected poems collection JUNK SCULPTURE FROM THE NEW GILDED AGE will, I hope, be appearing in mid-to-late 2021 from Moloko Print, and as that comes closer, I’ll let you know the details. This book was commissioned in 2018 and I sent the manuscript to the publisher in 2018, so at this point it seems like EARLY SELECTED POEMS, but it is a handy sampling of a number of pieces (100+pages) from 2005-2017 which have only appeared in small-distribution chapbooks which are long out-of-print, none of which have ever appeared in a book-length collection, and it includes such popular pieces as LAMENT FOR THE LIVING, my poem about the final days of Chet Baker, which opens the new collection. I still get e-mails from people wanting copies of that, which was originally published in March 2010 (11 years ago!).

Until then, if you have not yet read COMPLEMENTARY ANGLES, you can get it for only $8.95 from any international Amazon platform.

Here is a shortlink for ordering for North American readers (outside of North America, just enter BILL SHUTE, COMPLEMENTARY ANGLES into the Amazon search box and you can get it as a local purchase with local postage):


As always, I hope you find these works interesting and worthwhile….

BILL SHUTE (San Antonio, Texas)

Murillo: The Self-Portraits

March 7, 2021

Andy Clyde and Shemp Howard in HOME ON THE RAGE (1938)

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March 5, 2021

Joe Dallesandro in MERRY-GO-ROUND, with Maria Schneider (France, 1981)

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MERRY-GO-ROUND (France 1981), directed by Jacques Rivette


music (performed on-screen!) by Barre Phillips and John Surman

made in 1979, released in 1981

I don’t believe that this got a general US theatrical release (other than a screening at the Museum Of Modern Art in NY, which is a good place for it to get the appreciation it deserves), which is a shame because it’s a unique creation and is edgy and chance-taking while pulling you into its distinctive world and also its original conception of cinema-time. It’s both hyper-real and not like any “reality” you know.

This is a 2 1/2 hour film, so allow a block of time to watch it in a unified way and not over a few days.

Another fascinating performance from the great JOE DALLESANDRO in a fascinating film that any creative artist in any discipline can learn from, IMHO.


March 3, 2021

Alexander’s Timeless Bloozband (first LP, Smack Records, 1967)

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Alexander’s Timeless Bloozband (first LP, Smack Records, 1967)

Their second album, FOR SALE, on Uni, from 1968 is much better known (and also worthwhile), but this first album, recorded in-your-face live, should satisfy anyone who enjoys raw 60’s white blues bands bordering on the trippy.

Recorded Live At The Brother’s Gallery in Goleta, California (Santa Barbara County) – August 1967. You’ll wish you were there…..I do!

A1Help Me5:25
A2Killing Floor3:00
A3Guitar Song2:55
A4Favorite Things5:20
B1Sloppy Drunk4:08
B3Swannoa Tunnel2:30
B4Sweet Little Angel2:30

March 1, 2021

Acid Visions, Volume 10: ‘Standing By’ (Spalax Music, France)

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1 –Thursday’s Children Try Girl
2 –Thursday’s Children You’ll Never Be My Girl
3 –Thursday’s Children Help, Murder, Police, Version 1
4 –Thursday’s Children Help, Murder, Police, Version 2
5 –Thursday’s Children Air-Conditioned Man
6 –Thursday’s Children A Part Of You
7 –Countdown 5* Willie & The Hand Jive
8 –Countdown 5* Sweet Talk
9 –Countdown 5* Candy
10 –Countdown 5* Uncle Kirby (From Brazil)
11 –Euphoria Pick It Up
12 –Euphoria In Time
13 –Euphoria Walking The Dog
14 –Euphoria Oh Dear, You Look Like A Dog
15 –The Golden Dawn Evolution 3:21
16 –The Golden Dawn This Way Please 5:10
17 –The Golden Dawn I’ll Be Around 3:01
18 –The Golden Dawn Starvation 2:53

All tracks recorded in Houston, Texas


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