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January 31, 2011

think I’ll travel to Sussex with Bent Wind…

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January 29, 2011

SEAN GADOURY, “arc light” 3-inch cdr (KSE #182), now available!

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“arc light”

KSE #182  (3-inch CDR—$5 postpaid)

Visual artist, composer, musician, small-label head, Harvard graduate—-Hamilton, Ontario’s  DR. SEAN GADOURY is truly a renaissance man.

We asked Sean to create a new work for KSE, and what he came up with is a 19 minute slow-motion flotation through dark space, lit only by a distant arc light that may well be imagined, a visual mirage. When one is in the dark, one’s pupils expand so that the darkness eventually takes on depth and perspective and contours, and the smallest glint of distant light takes on great significance. A similar thing happens to the mind as one listens to “arc light”—Sean Gadoury slows down time and pulls us into his deep, textured world beyond time, beyond landmarks, beyond traditional vision. And half-heard voices emerge and recede, and the tension heightens, and we realize how busy the space has been all along. Then shimmering, pulsing waves of light emerge in a short coda, only to recede as gracefully as they’ve appeared. Or maybe we imagined it all?

arc light is a work you can set on repeat, a trip that demands to be revisited. All on a 3″ cdr that’s only $5.00 ppd. anywhere. Limited hand-numbered, hand-assembled edition of 75 copies. Send payment via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com .

And while you are ordering that, check out or other excellent musical and literary offerings, all inexpensive and postpaid:


#182 (3-inch CDR), SEAN GADOURY, “Arc Light.”

#183 (3-inch CDR), KUSCHTY RYE ERGOT, “Senescence.”

 #175 (CDR),  ALFRED 23 HARTH, “Micro-Saxo-Phone, Edition  III.” (this is $7)

#179, (3-inch CDR), ANDREAS BRANDAL, “Minus”

#178 (3-inch CDR), RAMBUTAN, “Age of None.”

#176 (3-inch CDR), OPHIBRE, “St. Asphalt (Patron Saint of Army Ants).”

cdr’s are $5 each ppd. (except for A23H, which is $7)



#180, BILL SHUTE, “Autumn” (sound library series, volume 59) ;

#181, JOHN SWEET, “Continuum” ;

#174, LUIS CUAUHTEMOC BERRIOZABAL, “Digging a Grave” ;
#173, BILL SHUTE, “Butterfly Mind” (Sound Library Series, Volume 58) ;

#168, DOUG DRAIME, “For A Dream Ended” ;

#169, BILL SHUTE, “Seawall” (sound library series, Volume 57) ;

#166, A.J.  KAUFMANN, “Amazon, The Fame of God.” (cinema poetry series, volume 4) ;

#164, JONO TOSCH, “Probably”

all above chapbooks $5

Thanks for your support of independent labels and micro-presses and independent artists. KSE’s 5th anniversary will be in March 2011!

coming in the next few months:



January 27, 2011

No Idea Festival—San Antonio (first set), 27 Jan 2011

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first set, part one: Nick Hennies (solo percussion & electronics)

Nick’s solo piece involved a laptop, a snare drum, an i-pod, and aluminum foil and was a relatively low-volume exploration of lapping waves of overtones and textures… 


first set, part two (Nick Hennies/Alexander Bruck duo)

next, Nick was joined by Mexico City-based string player Alexander Bruck for a quiet subtle duo improv, exploring extended techniques and microtones on their instruments…beautiful, and the audience was silent and totally into it!

 We were sitting about two feet from Mr. Bruck, able to study his masterful manipulation of microtones at low volume on his instrument…

Alas, we could stay only for the first set, but what a set it was! Thanks to Ben Judson/Heavy Denim for bringing The No Idea Festival to San Antonio once again this year!

order your copy now from the British Film Institute!

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from Greg Woods’ series  IF  I  RAN  BFI  FILM  CLASSICS. Well, Rob Craig and I hope to do our book on the films of Jerry Warren sometime in the next few years, after Rob finishes HIS book on the films of Andy Milligan, which will certainly include the above classic! I’ve read a draft of the first  few chapters of the Milligan book, and Rob does his usual thorough and insightful job, as he did in his books on the films of Larry Buchanan and the films of Ed Wood.

January 20, 2011

Bill Shute, “Autumn” poetry chapbook (KSE #180), now available

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AUTUMN  (sound library series, volume 59)

Bill Shute

KSE #180

Composed in Autumn 2010…ripped off for a week’s pay, hired killers pray for the rest of us, the Velvets reform (conveniently forgetting Doug Yule) but they’re no longer working without a net, nothing happens in different ways, her sprinkler’s leaking water, poker-playing dogs watch webinars on positive thinking, the kangaroo traffic court now serves cheesecake, and lines from faux-scientific monologues in Jerry Warren films in French invade my bed-partner’s dreams. ‘Tis Autumn, time to make a beeline for the South…Spring ahead, Fall Back…

Echoes from the new seven-page poem, inspired by one of the great trumpeter Bunny Berigan’s final recordings, a cover of that old chestnut “‘Tis Autumn,” recorded for the small “Elite” label. Bunny was in his waning days and so was 2010 and so was the world that many people were choosing to hold on to. It’s ripped from the pages of South Texas Life;  it’s full of carefully chosen particulars arranged in such a way that I hope it would have made the late great Ted Berrigan smile; it’s unlike anything else being written today; it’s $5.00 postpaid anywhere. The poet-losers badly imitating Bukowski (who would hold such imitators in contempt were he still around) and proclaiming themselves “outlaws” and “outsiders” will hate it, as will creative writing teachers and most MFA poets.  It won’t be available online or at your local bookstore, and it will be out of print in 6 months. Act now and order one…or forever hold your peace! As Jerry Van Dyke used to say in his ads for the low-rent BIG LOTS chain, “come on, you know you want to go there!”

$5 via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

Even if you don’t want THIS chapbook, KSE offers many other items you WILL enjoy:


#181, JOHN SWEET, “Continuum” ;

#174, LUIS CUAUHTEMOC BERRIOZABAL, “Digging a Grave” ;
#173, BILL SHUTE, “Butterfly Mind” (Sound Library Series, Volume 58) ;

#168, DOUG DRAIME, “For A Dream Ended” ;

#169, BILL SHUTE, “Seawall” (sound library series, Volume 57) ;

#166, A.J.  KAUFMANN, “Amazon, The Fame of God.” (cinema poetry series, volume 4) ;

#164, JONO TOSCH, “Probably”

all above chapbooks $5



#182 (3-inch CDR), SEAN GADOURY, “Arc Light.”

#183 (3-inch CDR), KUSCHTY RYE ERGOT, “Senescence.”

 #175 (CDR),  ALFRED 23 HARTH, “Micro-Saxo-Phone, Edition  III.” (this is $7)

#179, (3-inch CDR), ANDREAS BRANDAL, “Minus”

#178 (3-inch CDR), RAMBUTAN, “Age of None.”

#176 (3-inch CDR), OPHIBRE, “St. Asphalt (Patron Saint of Army Ants).”

cdr’s are $5 each ppd. (except for A23H, which is $7)

Thanks for your support of independent labels and micro-presses and independent artists. KSE’s 5th anniversary will be in March 2011!

January 18, 2011

KUSCHTY RYE ERGOT, “senescence” 3″-cdr now available!

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KSE #183 (3″ cdr)

Kuschty Rye Ergot mainman John Stanton has been a psychedelic  soldier for decades, providing the greater Washington, DC area with a much-needed pure higher-key presence. When I lived in Virginia in the 1980’s, I always looked forward to visiting DC two or three times a year and catching John Stanton with bands such as Gigolo Aunt, and I had the privilege of listening to many a “Psycho” and “Heyoka” and “Breeder” reissue with Mr. Stanton back then. A fine technician on the guitar, he exists somewhere within that rainbow running from Robbie Basho and Sandy Bull through Djinn Aquarian through Matt Valentine, yet he’s always been his own man. When KSE began issuing music cdr’s last year, one of my first tasks was to find John Stanton and get him to release something with KSE. SENESCENCE is the result. A three-part seamless swirling trip recorded live in DC in 2008, SENESCENCE has the warm glow and viscous flow of the best trips, musical or otherwise. You’ll be reminded of everything from Ya Ho Wa 13’s PENETRATION to Tony Conrad and Faust’s OUTSIDE THE DREAM SYNDICATE on this 19-minute inner journey, but it’s 100% Stanton. KSE is proud to offer this unique 3″-cdr from one of the East Coast’s greatest psychedelic warriors. Don’t wait for some European or Japanese label to proclaim Stanton a genius and issue a multi-cd box of his rarities dating back to the early 80’s. He’s still at it, both with Kuschty Rye Ergot and also as a member of Kohoutek, and this must-own disc captures him at his purest.

$5 ppd. anywhere. hand-numbered edition of 75 copies.

While you are at it, check out some of our other cdr’s of experimental music:

MINI-CDR’s @ $5 each

#182 (3-inch CDR), SEAN GADOURY, “Arc Light.”

#179, (3-inch CDR), ANDREAS BRANDAL, “Minus”

#178 (3-inch CDR), RAMBUTAN, “Age of None.”

#176 (3-inch CDR), OPHIBRE, “St. Asphalt (Patron Saint of Army Ants).”


Full-sized CDR’s @ $7 each

 #175 (CDR),  ALFRED 23 HARTH, “Micro-Saxo-Phone, Edition  III.”


payment via paypal to  django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

coming in the next few months:


and full-length cdr from NICK HENNIES .

and many more surprises we can’t discuss yet…but will be worth waiting for!


January 17, 2011

John Sweet, “Continuum” (KSE #181), now available

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“Continuum”  poetry chapbook  (KSE #181)


Poet JOHN SWEET brings an instantly recognizable style to the page, evoking a world of quiet desperation with the hint of violence always just under the surface, a world of absurd societal rituals and hollow, lacerating family connections that do more harm than good.  Imagine if Kafka wrote the film noir classic “Detour,” but it was directed by Antonioni instead of Ulmer…that is the world of John Sweet’s poetry.

A respected figure in the independent poetry world for going on 20 years, Mr. Sweet has never associated himself with any clique or movement, remaining a true independent who lets his work speak for itself.

CONTINUUM is a ten-poem suite, telling the story of two ill-fated sisters in lean, carefully sculpted stanzas, where we can feel the texture of the burlap, feel the rope scraping the flesh off our wrists, smell the blood, taste the tension. It’s a harrowing ride, but it’s the America of drug deals gone sour, of anonymous pickups, of suckers gambling away the rent money. And no one writes of this world as clearly and as elegantly as John Sweet.

Sweet has published many essential poetry books, from the much-acclaimed HUMAN CATHEDRALS (Ravenna Press); to his collections of poems previously published online such as SLOW DRIFT INTO EXILE, SUNPOISON, WORLD WITHOUT SOUND, and BETWEEN TRUTH AND MERCY; to his previous chapbooks for KSE,  #160,  “This Moment, Reflected In Ice.” and #112, “Next Exit: Nine” (w/ MK Chavez).

John will be back with KSE in late 2011 with another new collection, BRAVE RETREAT.

CONTINUUM (KSE #181) is available NOW for $5 postpaid anywhere. Send funds via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com. It would be helpful if you could also send an e-mail to that address letting me know you’ve ordered and confirming your mailing address. Thanks!

While you are at it, we have many other poetry chapbooks and experimental music CDR’s available. All except for the Alfred 23 Harth CDR (which is 74+ minutes long and $7 ppd.) are $5 ppd. anywhere.


#174, LUIS CUAUHTEMOC BERRIOZABAL, “Digging a Grave” ;
#173, BILL SHUTE, “Butterfly Mind” (Sound Library Series, Volume 58) ;

#168, DOUG DRAIME, “For A Dream Ended” ;

#169, BILL SHUTE, “Seawall” (sound library series, Volume 57) ;

#166, A.J.  KAUFMANN, “Amazon, The Fame of God.” (cinema poetry series, volume 4) ;

#164, JONO TOSCH, “Probably”

all above chapbooks $5



#182 (3-inch CDR), SEAN GADOURY, “Arc Light.”

#183 (3-inch CDR), KUSCHTY RYE ERGOT, “Senescence.”

 #175 (CDR),  ALFRED 23 HARTH, “Micro-Saxo-Phone, Edition  III.” (this is $7)

#179, (3-inch CDR), ANDREAS BRANDAL, “Minus”

#178 (3-inch CDR), RAMBUTAN, “Age of None.”

#176 (3-inch CDR), OPHIBRE, “St. Asphalt (Patron Saint of Army Ants).”

cdr’s are $5 each ppd. (except for A23H, which is $7)

Thanks for your support of independent labels and micro-presses and independent artists. KSE’s 5th anniversary will be in March 2011!

INSTANT COMPOSERS POOL (ICP) in Austin, 7 April 2011

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January 16, 2011

Floating Drones: A Night of Ambient Bliss

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Saturday 15 January 2011

Cherrywood Coffeehouse, East of I-35 on 38 1/2 in Austin, TX

curated by Derek Rogers


opening set by Marcus Striplin


second set by Lee Dockery


closing set by Derek Rogers


video projections for all three sets by Katie Rose Pipkin

Each set was bathed with video projections by KATIE ROSE PIPKIN, and as great as each diverse set was, each exploring different aspects of the drone/noise/ambient territory, Ms. Pipkin’s video work (the room was darkened and the video was projected onto both the performer and the wall behind…this is captured not so well by my mediocre photography…) elevated the music onto another plane, making this an ecstatic multi-sensory evening that took the audience into an artistic red zone and is probably about as close as we can get today to a kind of Exploding Plastic Inevitable experience, yet way beyond that. It was a kind of visual free-improv, much like today’s improvising musician might do with a laptop full of samples and effects, sliced and diced and action-painted live for us; that’s what she was doing with the visuals. Sitting two seats behind her, I could see her working her laptop like a painter or a keyboard player or a percussionist. Will definitely be catching her work in the future. I have been talking to anyone who would listen over the last year about combining poetry and improv music and improv visuals to create a multi-textured, multi-sensory experience, something I definitely want to do in the future when I can, and last night’s performance definitely gave me some great ideas along those lines.

Derek Rogers hopes to curate some more evenings such as this one but moving in some new directions, and always keeping the freshness and spontaneity and edginess. I look forward to those…

January 11, 2011

Hideout Reading, 10 January 2011

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Thanks to all who came out for the Michael Aaron Casares/Bill Shute poetry reading at The Hideout in Austin on Monday 10 January 2011…Michael did a number of selections from his excellent new book THIS REALITY OF MAN, and I did five pieces: “Brass,” the opening piece from SUSPENSION; DOWN BRIDGE STREET; THE COMPANIONSHIP OF THE PLUM (which was co-written with Ronald Baatz); SEPARATED FROM THE SPARROWS (which will be out in a few months); and “Copper,” the closing piece from SUSPENSION.

Michael and I read at the Hideout in January of 2010 also, so this was a return engagement. I hope Thom, the organizer of this series, liked us enough to invite us back next January!

I have two readings scheduled in Western Massachusetts in late May and a few offers for readings here in Texas in the Spring and Summer. Check back here or on Facebook for further details. As always, thanks for your support both of my work and of KSE’s poetry and music offerings!

 Derek Rogers,  Bill Shute,  Michael Aaron Casares

January 3, 2011

poets Michael Aaron Casares & Bill Shute, The Hideout, Austin, TX, Monday 1/10/11

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My friend and fellow San Antonio poet-publisher (though he’s been in Austin for a year or two now, his heart is still in S.A.!) MICHAEL AARON CASARES and I will be reading at THE HIDEOUT in Austin, TX, on Monday night 10 January at 7 p.m. We read there around the same time last year and have been invited back, so stop by and catch some contemporary Texas poetry and enjoy the fine coffee, bagels, and muffins served up at The Hideout. Michael will be reading from his new book THIS REALITY OF MAN (an excerpt from that appeared in the Austin Chronicle a few weeks ago…congrats, Michael!), and I may be reading some newly written pieces that aren’t yet on the market, such as RAGA: THAT WHICH COLORS THE MIND and DIGRESSION: LINES FOR LENNIE TRISTANO. I’ll also have my spoken-word CDR “San Antonio Sky Songs” available as well as some of the recent KSE poetry chapbooks and music cdr’s  (bring $7 and you can score a copy of the new KSE album from ALFRED 23 HARTH).

See you there!

The Hideout is at 617 Congress, between 6th and 7th. On a weeknight, one can probably find parking on the street north of 8th, or there is an inexpensive lot on 7th, right around the corner.


January 1, 2011

Alfred 23 Harth, “micro-saxo-phone.edition III” available now!

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“micro-saxo-phone. edition III”  cdr

released 1 January 2011 by Kendra Steiner Editions,  KSE #175

recorded at LaubhuetteStudio, Moonsum, South Korea, 2010

total running time: 74:11 (17 tracks)

$7.00 (US) ppd. anywhere

paypal funds to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com


    In his new album MICRO-SAXO-PHONE. EDITION III, German free-music multi-stylist ALFRED 23 HARTH  has extended the vocabulary of the solo saxophone deep into the 21st century, creating a jagged, self-reflexive, multi-layered work that will stop listeners in their tracks.

   In jazz circles, the vocabulary of the solo saxophone is often traced back to Coleman Hawkins’ mid-40s recordings “Hawk’s Variations” and “Picasso.” In the late 60’s and early 70’s musicians as diverse as Anthony Braxton, Steve Lacy, Lee Konitz, and Sonny Rollins began re-investigating the possibilities 0f solo saxophone performance, opening the door for musicians ever since. Saxophonist ALFRED 23 HARTH is a man who has been on the cutting edge of the free-music world since his emergence onto the scene in the late 1960’s Germany, and his new album “micro-saxo-phone. edition III”  provides him a vehicle to use ALL aspects of his instrument, close-miking the keys and the reed, bowing the body, as well as using his virtuoso technique in passages that run the gamut from the lyricism of a Ben Webster to the highest chirps and the lowest rumbles, from clipped bursts to melting smears. In addition, he is multi-tracking new recordings, playing against older recordings of himself from the 70’s, weaving in strains of musique concrete and strands of spoken word into sound collages, and then using a Kaoss Pad to add further layers and to slice-and-dice the rest. “micro-saxo-phone.edition III”  is a truly unique work, one recorded especially for KSE by Mr. Harth just a few months ago.

   With beautiful cover art by Bill Major and liner notes from A23H himself, explaining the “micro-saxo-phone” concept and the sessions, this is an essential release and only SEVEN DOLLARS postpaid. It is limited to 123 numbered copies. Don’t miss out…order NOW. $7 US via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot) com. Critics/reviewers with any questions or who would like a review copy should get in touch. Wholesale/dealer enquiries are also welcome.

   Alfred 23 Harth, in a career spanning five separate decades, has played with many of the greats of the free-music, free-improv world, including Sven-Ake Johansson, Paul Bley, Sonny Sharrock, Henry Grimes, George Lewis, Nicole van den Plas, Peter Brotzmann, David Murray, Paul Lovens, Peter Kowald, and too many others to mention. 

   Thanks to Mr. Harth for allowing this South Texas small-press and micro-label to release such an important work. Kendra Steiner Editions has been issuing poetry chapbooks since 2006 and began issuing experimental music on CDR in 2010. 

    KSE is also happy to say that we will be issuing a 3″ mini-cd in May entitled RED CANOPY,  including Mr. Harth and Korean musicians Chang U Choi and Soojung Kae. That will be a fascinating and unique creation, something that truly redefines the term “trio” and brings it into the 21st Century. Stay tuned for details.

   Much information can be found at A23H’s website, , where you can find links to excellent, in-depth interviews with Harth by Massimo Ricci and Clifford Allen.

   In the US, Squidco stocks a number of Harth’s lesser-known recent works, including “micro-saxo-phone. edition II,” and you can find that here:

excerpt from Digression: Lines for Lennie Tristano

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Here’s the first section of the piece on which I’m currently working, DIGRESSION: LINES FOR LENNIE TRISTANO. Hope you find it interesting and worthwhile.


                                      more lime,   more calcium

                         build-up   in  the  pipes

               so less water pressure



number-pieces of acorn

                   & sparrow,     of brake-squeal

& trash pick-up,     of metal transmission-shop overhead doors

          & car-stereo-bass-blur



       those who’ve been domesticated

              now set “free”     by their masters

                     to love        to work          to suffer

                               to starve                  and


                                 to swallow the hook







between the airforce base and the interstate

between one’s first drink and one’s final meal

between what’s remembered and what’s anticipated

Top 14 Music Releases of 2010

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Bill Shute’s top 14 music releases of 2010

 (in no particular order)

WEREJU, “who and what we are” (four cassette set, Idrone Park, Ireland)

OPHIBRE, “phase plane cake decorator” (cdr, songs from under the floorboards, USA)

ALISTAIR CROSBIE, “wanderlight falls” (four-cdr set, Lefthand Pressings, UK)

PAUL BLEY, “complete savoy sessions 1962-1963” (cd, Gambit, EU)

NICK HENNIES, “psalms” (cd, Roeba, USA)

MONIEK DARGE, “crete soundies” (cd, KYE, USA)

TATSUYA NAKATANI & FORBES GRAHAM, “essences” (CD, blaq lghtn, USA)


SCOTT WELLS, “day songs” (cdr, root strata, USA)

WILLIE MITCHELL AND THE FOUR KINGS, “the memphis rhythm ‘n’ blues sound of…” (cd, Stompertime, UK)

JOHN CAGE, “four4” (cd, another timbre, UK)

AL KING & ARTHUR K. ADAMS, “together: the complete Kent and Modern recordings” (cd, Ace, UK)


DEREK ROGERS, “slowmover” (cdr, house of alchemy, USA)



BILL DIXON, black saint/soul note collection (nine cd box, CAM, UK)

the entire INSTALLATION series on the Install label (14 cdr’s so far and going strong!)


2010 was one of the best years ever for independent music, in my humble opinion. With the incredible number of micro-pressing small labels and of artist-issued releases, we are getting a depth and breadth of individual artists’ and bands’ visions that is staggering and intoxicating, and that comes to us direct and pure, with NO record company softening and tweaking and changing-of-that-vision. Truly, the 70’s/early 80’s D.I.Y. spirit, and the mail-art and cassette culture that came after, have given birth to something bigger than all of us. Anyone who wants to, and who wants to take the time to find the music/labels/artists, CAN listen to a great NEW (as in less than a month old!)  release or two or five EVERY DAY. With everything that sucks so badly in the world, in society, in the economy, in government, etc., it’s inspiring to know that the arts are flourishing like never before. My thanks to all those artists/labels who are making this possible…

I will try to “review” some of the above releases on the KSE blog in the coming weeks/months. I did not include any cdr releases from my own KSE label, although a number of them would easily qualify…that’s why KSE released them!!!

Bill Shute

Kendra Steiner Editions

San Antonio, Texas  USA

Welcome to 2011

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                                           New Braunfels, Texas    city hall

12:01 a.m.,      1 January 2011

Blog at