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September 23, 2013

NOW SOLD OUT…found in the garage: a handful of long out-of-print 2009-2010 KSE chapbooks!

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While cleaning the garage the other day, I came across a stack of uncut pages and covers from older KSE poetry chapbooks. These have now been cut and assembled and are being offered for sale—-truly rare items, just a handful of copies available of each, and originally published in editions of between 29 and 75, one of which was a premium for KSE customers and NEVER BEFORE OFFERED FOR SALE…


the stumble

KSE #138, BILL SHUTE, ‘The Stumble”

meditations on the Jandek album “The Place” (authorized by Corwood Industries)…..

3 copies available         $10 postpaid anywhere



KSE #159, A. J. KAUFMANN & BILL SHUTE, “78 Horizons”

A joint chapbook from AJ and Bill….poems inspired by music from original 78 RPM recordings…4 from AJ, 4 from Bill

6 copies available                 $7 postpaid anywhere



KSE #157, BILL SHUTE, “Emergency”

This was a very limited (under 30) edition given to KSE’s best customers as a holiday gift in 2009….it was never offered for sale.

It appears on my SAN ANTONIO SKY SONGS spoken-word poetry album and it appeared on an ORANGE ALERT podcast.

Here’s the original write-up:

EMERGENCY (KSE #157) is a limited, 25-copy edition that will be given as a New Year’s gift to friends and supporters of Kendra Steiner Editions. A small number will also be offered for sale. Each copy will be signed and gift copies will also be inscribed. This was written during a break from the composition of THE MOSQUITOES OF LA MARQUE, and it uses some of the same imagery, but in a very different style. It’s essentially an abstract portrait of a flood on the Gulf Coast…and to be completely honest, after it was finished, I realized that some of the images from the film BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS found their way into it too. If that’s not enough, KSE’s own A. J. Kaufmann appears as a character in it…the way I worked Brad Kohler and Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal into the recent NOBODY KNOWS, NOBODY SEES. It’s volume 51 in the Sound Library Series, inspired by the composition “Delicieuse Catastrophe” by Robert Cohen-Solal, the soundtrack from the short 1970 animated film of the same name by Polish film-maker Piotr Kamler. I hope you all enjoy this small chapbook, and I offer it in thanks to all who have read our books and supported our cause during 2009….

7 copies available                 $8 postpaid anywhere



KSE #169, BILL SHUTE, “Seawall”

One of my best, IMHO…here’s what I wrote about it in 2010: My newest poetry chapbook, SEAWALL (KSE #169) , was written in Galveston about two weeks after the Gulf Oil Spill. At the time, I imagined the tarballs washing up on the Texas Gulf Coast, which had not yet happened; of course, now they HAVE begun washing up on the Texas Gulf Coast. This sad event will totally change the lives of Gulf Coast residents and will uproot Gulf Coast culture—-indeed, it already has. And things will NEVER be the same, even if the water becomes “acceptable” again in 10 years or whatever. And for better or worse, it will become a defining moment for the Obama administration, although he of course had nothing to do with it.  SEAWALL is my attempt to capture in poetry, from a Texas perspective, the Gulf Oil Spill and its (no pun intended) fallout. I hope you find it interesting and worthwhile. This event will touch and has touched us all. I don’t understand how poets can NOT write about such events!

I’ve peformed Seawall at a number of readings and it also appeared on my spoken-word poetry album JUNK SCULPTURE FROM THE NEW GILDED AGE…

5 copies available              $8 postpaid anywhere


again, these are ORIGINAL 2009-2012 printings found in my garage…newly cut and assembled, but original pages and covers

payment via paypal to   DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot)COM

please include a note w/ yr paypal order with the items you are ordering and your mailing address…

grab these while you can…

September 19, 2013

new from ALFRED 23 HARTH, “Micro-Saxo-Phone: Edition IV” (KSE #257), available now!

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KSE #257     (cdr album)          hand-assembled, hand-numbered edition of 153 copies

$8 US / $11 elsewhere, postpaid

payment via paypal to  django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

please include a note w/ your paypal order listing what you are ordering

we also have two other ALFRED 23 HARTH albums still available:

KSE #233 (CDR), ALFRED 23  HARTH / CARL STONE / SAMM BENNETT / KAZUHISA UCHIHASHI, “The Expats, “ recorded live at Superdeluxe, Tokyo, 2010


KSE #207 (CDR), ALFRED 23 HARTH & CARL STONE, “Gift Fig”

EXPATS and GIFT FIG are an extra $8 each, postpaid anywhere, if you are also ordering Micro-Saxo-Phone: Edition IV

A23H  4

MICRO-SAXO-PHONE: EDITION IV is the third volume to be released (MSP:I, the first set, was a series of early experiments not intended for release, the releases started with MSP:II) in this important series of albums dedicated to Alfred 23 Harth’s explorations of the solo possibilities of the EXTENDED saxophone (or other reed instrument).

MICRO-SAXO-PHONE: EDITION IV consists of 25 diverse tracks, each a rich and dense and multi-layered composition in itself. The tracks flow seamlessly from one territory into another, if you want to listen to the album straight through, but I’d also recommend you spend some time playing each track on “repeat” and listen closely to its construction, its textures, its poly-rhythms,  its juxtapositions. Each piece is endlessly fascinating, and once you start peeling the layers away of the onion, the album will take you on many unexpected journeys in sound. It’s like an exhibition of 25 exquisitely detailed miniature collages. I’m also reminded of the concept of banchan in the cuisine of Mr. Harth’s adopted home of Korea (which is similar to “Meze” in the Balkans or “Thali” in India or Nepal)–where a wide and diverse variety of small plates of food, differing in color and texture and spiciness and sweetness and saltiness, are set out on the table, providing an seemingly infinite series of combinations and juxtapositions and keeping the palate continuously awake with ever-changing taste experiences. That’s what MSP: IV is doing with sculptures in sound. Utilizing extended techniques, electronics, archival recordings, the metal and the reed and the saliva and the airflow related to the saxophone, but also including passages with the lyricism of a Ben Webster or the acerbic wit of a Steve Lacy. MSP: IV is a unique and rich and diverse creation. With over 40 years in the fore-front of the forward-thinking avant-garde international music scene, ALFRED 23 HARTH continues to delight and surprise…and most of all, to hold us spellbound with his complex and beautiful everything-including-the-kitchen-sink sound creations.

This is a masterful work that will still be fresh and innovative decades from now because, like most of Harth’s work, it exists outside time and outside the influences of the greater “alternative” music world. Get your copy NOW…$8 US, $11 elsewhere.

Alfred 23 Harth provided KSE with liner notes to his earlier release MICRO-SAXO-PHONE: EDITION III (now, unfortunately, out of print),, and he was kind enough to provide a set of comments on this new album, MSP:IV…

“msp4  again also stretches out in my musical history as a side effect. I remixed some of my very first electrified sax solos taken from my LP “Plan Eden”(1986, Creative Works Records/CWR), and also recalled some takes of msp1 (2007, which was never released) in a composed mix together with takes from my guitar solo CD “Vorgang” (2004, Laubhuette Productions). The solos on “Plan Eden” once had been a pure first documentation of my extended sax language, and I see them being very well refreshed in this msp context. The album “Vorgang” is all about an expedition into extended guitar language, and the amalgam of acoustic guitar sounds & air, saliva, needle springs & keys’ percussion takes of the sax leads here to another horizon. Another layer of history comes in by a short remix of a live recording of the “duo weltoffen” together with liquid sound/underwater music specialist Micky Remann from 1980 where I used bass sax besides other tools.And there is a two year old duo with Korea’s free music/trumpet maestro Choi Sun Bae and myself on the Korean traditional double reed wind instrument, taepyeongseo, which in it’s quarter tone aspects brings us back to contemporary music in a kind of fake folk manner. But the majority of this album is of left handed sax impros where simultaneously I used a Kaoss Padd (with my right hand), connected to the sax by contact mic. There are also dubbed miniatures which I regard as being more of compository enriched quality.”  —Alfred 23 Harth, September 2013

Multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer and visual artist Alfred Harth was born near Frankfurt/Main in Germany. He first recorded at age twenty with the free music ensemble Just Music which was issued on ECM (1002). In the late ’70s, he became interested in punk music and in addition to a regularly-working duo with multi-instrumentalist Heiner Goebbels, he played in punkjazz / improvisation / modern composition combos like Cassiber, Duck and Cover, Gestalt et Jive, Vladimir Estragon and Imperial Hoot. Since 2001 living and working also in Seoul, South Korea, he has been involved with Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Ensembles, composer Carl Stone, and has formed the groups 7k Oaks (with Massimo Pupillo, Luca Venitucci, Fabrizio Spera) and Taste Tribes (with Günter Müller, Hans-Joachim Irmler), his own multi-media art and many more projects.

2013 has been a good year for Harth, as he earlier released an equally stunning album on the Hong Kong based “Re-Records” label, called “AS YVES DREW A LINE. ESTATE.” It’s pictured below, and below that picture is the link to the label’s website. They accept paypal, and you should order a copy…right AFTER you order MSP:IV from Kendra Steiner Editions.

a23h a

a23h b

A23H  at the LaubhuetteStudio Moonsun temple

a23h cin the LaubhuettStudio Moonsun garden


a23h d

photo by J-Woo Kim, taken at the Paju festival in June


Remember, you can still get the last few copies of Harth’s previous 2 albums for Kendra Steiner Editions…GIFT FIG and THE EXPATS…see details above

A23H  4

OTHER EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC CDR’S  FROM KSE (only $8 each postpaid anywhere when ordered w/ Alfred 23 Harth’s MICRO-SAXO-PHONE: EDITIONS IV):

KSE #260 (CDR) TOM CREAN, “Wired Love” (solo guitar and banjo explorations)


KSE #243 (CDR), VENISON WHIRLED (aka Lisa Cameron), “The Many Moods of Venison Whirled”

KSE #254 (cdr), DJIN AQUARIAN/SIR PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE & THE EVERAFTER, Live in San Francisco 10/2011

djin pcw everafter r6

KSE #239, (CDR), FOSSILS, “Bells and Gulls”

KSE #240 (CDR), SPRILLS OF ORE (Eva Kelly), “Time Mirrors”

KSE #251, (CDR), FORBES GRAHAM, “Return: The Journey”


KSE #222 (CDR), MASSIMO MAGEE, “Sopranino Solo, “ cover art by MP Landis.

KSE #220 (CDR),  MATT KREFTING, “Sweet Days of Discipline”

September 2, 2013

“Worried Men and Wooden Soldiers” (KSE #263), new poetry chapbook from Bill Shute



poetry chapbook

$6 US / $7 elsewhere, postpaid

Worried Men & Wooden Soldiers is brilliant in its execution; it pulls no punches, and no doubt is the most important and

vital subject in literature (or in any art) today. Few of us have the balls or moxie to even venture into the arena.” –Doug Draime


As most of us stumble through life, trying to keep our act together with multiple part-time jobs and inadequate or no health-care, and people keep themselves occupied by  posting cat videos on Facebook, we’re often too consumed with the small details of day-to-day survival to step back and look at the big picture:  the massive expansion of the military-industrial complex and the massive expansion of the surveillance and “domestic intelligence” communities. We can barely afford to pay the federal taxes that support the drone strikes on civilians in other countries and prop up an international military presence of the sort that bankrupted the Roman Empire or the Spaniards back in their colonial expansion days. HIGH ON INCONTINENT FEVER DREAMS OF EXCEPTIONALISM AND EMPIRE.

That’s what is embodied in WORRIED MEN AND WOODEN SOLDIERS.  In my usual open-field form, with energized clusters of language floating on the page like mosquitoes on the edge of a swamp, it’s my poetic-construct which seeks to present a core-sample of 2013 America, also dealing with the experience of being a poet/artist in these times.

This was composed in May-June 2013, both here in San Antonio and also in Western Louisiana, during the week we spent there.

I premiered this piece (In a slightly edited form—some things work well on the page, but not in a live reading) at my reading in Pittsburgh this summer, at Amazing Books, with Jim D. Deuchars…and it is one of the four poetry chapbooks Jim and I made videos for. You can watch the video of WORRIED MEN AND WOODEN SOLDIERS here:

It’s a rare occasion when one can create a work that is both formalistically sound AND containing an explicit political message. Falling into the trap of agit-prop is always a concern, but I don’t think that has happened here (as it has in other political pieces I’ve written and discarded).

Governor Ultrasound is drunk on Alabama Feeling, our flaws and bruises are airbrushed away with a coat of baconnaise, too many travelers are breaking down or wiping out on Great Gatsby Curve….they inflate you with images of possessions but execute you when you rob the Goodie Train—-kept in place by Worried Men and Wooden Soldiers.

WORRIED MEN AND WOODEN SOLDIERS. KSE #263. Hand-made, irregular-cut, hand-numbered DIY edition of 72 copies.

$6 US postpaid / $7 elsewhere postpaid.

payment via paypal to   DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot)COM

please include a note with your paypal order that lists what you are ordering and provides your mailing address…thanks!

You can also get the following recent chapbooks for the same price, most limited editions of 50 or fewer copies, and in most copies, with about 2/3 of the print run already gone:

KSE #265 (art-and-poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, ‘The Language of Construction”

KSE #252 (poetry chapbook) BILL SHUTE, “Throwaway B-Side”

KSE #261 (art-and-poetry chapbook), DANIEL HIPOLITO & BILL SHUTE, “Meditations on a One-Way Trail”

KSE #256 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Led Along”

KSE #253 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Dream Static”

KSE #248 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Jupiter In The Rearview Mirror: Florida Nocturne Poems, Book Four,”

KSE #245 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Peach Cobbler In The Poker Room: Florida Nocturne Poems, Book Three,”

KSE #232 , BILL SHUTE, “Tonalist Fury,” Volume 70 in the Sound Library Series

As always, thank you for your support of KSE (now in our 8th year) and your support of independent, non-aligned artists. You do not have to suck up to a clique or play along with the “alternative arts” powers that be, for whom you have no respect!  DO IT YOURSELF. PRODUCE IT YOURSELF. DISTRIBUTE IT YOURSELF. FORM ALLIANCES WITH FELLOW CREATORS AND WITH YOUR AUDIENCE (WITHOUT MIDDLEMEN GETTING BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR AUDIENCE) AND DO NOT CEDE ANY POWER TO POWER-HUNGRY PRETENTIOUS ARTS ORGANIZATIONS OR CROOKED “ALTERNATIVE” DISTRIBUTORS. Let the parasites and the gatekeepers starve.

September 1, 2013

new poetry chapbook from Matt Krefting, “The Princess of Knight Avenue” (KSE #259)

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a new poetry chapbook from MATT KREFTING

matt krefting poetry PRINCESS limited hand-numbered, hand-assembled DIY edition of 125 copies,  half of which went out to pre-orders, SO GET YOURS NOW!!!!! Fewer than 60 left…  ACT NOW or read about this chapbook elsewhere instead of reading your own copy

$7 US postpaid                                  $8 elsewhere postpaid

payment via paypal to   DJANGO5722(at)YAHOO(dot)COM

please include note w/ order stating what items you want and your address…thanks…paypal does not always provide that clearly… krefting one Western Massachusetts-based musician/writer/conceptualist MATT KREFTING is back at Kendra Steiner Editions (after his much-acclaimed album Sweet Days of Discipline) with a new poetry chapbook, THE PRINCESS OF KNIGHT AVENUE (KSE #259). About his KSE album and his work overall, I wrote, “Matt has a long history of fascinating work that transcends genres/boundaries/disciplines, though he’s perhaps best known as part of the duo SON OF EARTH, a unit that to me always seemed to wipe the musical slate clean and build a new music piece by piece from scratch, questioning every assumption, and living in an artistic world of their own that seemed both pre-historic (you got the sense that they would enjoy reinventing the wheel their own way) and primal yet post-modern and post-Cage.”  Those same comments are relevant here, but transposed to the world of writing, Krefting’s canvas here being the poetic page.

This suite of poems was composed in the Summer of 2010 during a period when Matt was staying at a house that had a typewriter, and as any admirer of Larry Eigner knows, the typewriter can be a musical instrument to a poet, allowing one to compose on the page with each word having a specific gravity and literally making an impression not just onto but INTO the page. Having closely studied the minimalist poetics of Aram Saroyan (check out Mr. Saroyan’s COMPLETE MINIMAL POEMS) and the late 1960’s Robert Creeley (the PIECES and WORDS-era work), Mr. Krefting brings a slow and deliberate feel to his words, each line carefully chiseled, in sections not unlike the richly textured but glacial feel of his work with Son of Earth. If anyone doubts Krefting’s sensitivity to language, listen to his under-rated album of vocals, “I Couldn’t Love You More.” The way that he takes compositions by such totally original vocalists as George Jones and Van Morrison and Richard Thompson and not only makes them his own, but makes us feel as though we are hearing them for the first time, that sensitivity to language is present in every poem in this short but sweet collection.

The tone can vary from stark to comic, and the poet’s understatement and muted range also lend a subtly disquieting feel to the proceedings–the bride is certainly stripped bare in these terse, elliptical pieces, with their 3 a.m. epiphanies, brutal truths, relationship negotiations, and existential realizations, laced with wit and etched into the page through old-school typewriter composition. It’s not only an exciting and different poetry chapbook, it’s yet another side in Matt Krefting’s original and distinctive body of work.


THE PRINCESS OF KNIGHT AVENUE is a unique work from a unique artist.


A new poetry chapbook from Kendra Steiner Editions (KSE #259)

$7 postpaid US.  $8 postpaid elsewhere. payment via paypal to django5722(at) yahoo(dot)com

NOTE: Europeans can order THE PRINCESS OF KNIGHT AVENUE directly from Penultimate Press in the UK, which should be easier than ordering from KSE in Texas. Check out their website at .

and while ordering the Matt Krefting chapbook, why not also pick up our new poetry chapbook from GRAHAM LAMBKIN, “SLIMERS VERB”, also $7 US / $8 elsewhere…only a few dozen left of the Lambkin chapbook…ACT NOW ON THAT ONE… matt krefting cover The last few copies of Matt’s previous KSE album, SWEET DAYS OF DISCIPLINE, are still available. $7 extra if you purchase the Krefting poetry book. Otherwise, $8 US / $11 elsewhere. krefting 2



Based in San Antonio, Texas, Kendra Steiner Editions is a micro-press and micro-label which has issued 260+ chapbooks of forward-thinking contemporary poetry and cdr’s of experimental music in our 7+ years of operation. While ordering your Lambkin and/or Krefting chapbooks, why not pick up another of our poetry chapbooks or cdr’s? All are hand-assembled DIY editions using varying inks and papers so you don’t know what combination you’ll get…and are in editions of under 150. ————————————————————————————————————————————

POETRY CHAPBOOKS (only $5 each when ordered w/ Krefting chapbook):

KSE #265 (art-and-poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “The Language of Construction” THE LANGUAGE OF CONSTRUCTION

KSE #244 (poetry chapbook), MICHAEL LAYNE HEATH, “Unbroadcast Reruns”


KSE #263 (poetry chapbook), BILL SHUTE, “Worried Men and Wooden Soldiers”

KSE #250 (poetry chapbook), DOUG DRAIME, “Dusk With Carol”

KSE #236 (poetry chapbook),  JIM  D.  DEUCHARS, “Thelonious Fakebook”  (Sound Library Series, Volume 71)


KSE #249 (poetry chapbook), A.J. KAUFMANN, “Hosannah Honeypots” (Sound Library Series, Volume 72)

KSE #261 (art-and-poetry chapbook), DANIEL HIPOLITO & BILL SHUTE, “Meditations on a One Way Trail”


KSE #216 (poetry chapbook), JOHN SWEET, “Brave Retreat” ————————————————————————————————————————————

EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC CDR’S (only $7 each when ordered w/ Krefting chapbook, otherwise $8 US/ $11 elsewhere):

KSE #260 (CDR) TOM CREAN, “Wired Love” (solo guitar and banjo explorations)


KSE #257 (CDR),  ALFRED 23 HARTH, “Micro-Saxo-Phone, Edition  IV.”

A23H  4

KSE #243 (CDR), VENISON WHIRLED (aka Lisa Cameron), “The Many Moods of Venison Whirled”

KSE #254 (cdr), DJIN AQUARIAN/SIR PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE & THE EVERAFTER, Live in San Francisco 10/2011

djin pcw everafter r6

KSE #239, (CDR), FOSSILS, “Bells and Gulls”

KSE #240 (CDR), SPRILLS OF ORE (Eva Kelly), “Time Mirrors”

KSE #251, (CDR), FORBES GRAHAM, “Return: The Journey” (stunning new album from the Boston trumpeter-composer)

KSE #207 (CDR), ALFRED 23 HARTH & CARL STONE, “Gift Fig”


KSE #222 (CDR), MASSIMO MAGEE, “Sopranino Solo, “ cover art by MP Landis. robert aram

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